Sansui SR-838 Turntable

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by DCrews, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. DCrews

    DCrews Active Member


    I am interested in purchasing a Sansui SR-838 turntable. I haven't found one for sale yet, but when and if I do I would like to know what a reasonable price for one would be. I did look at some completed auctions online that ended at $192 and $200. Both looked to be in good condition overall but I think they were both missing feet. Are these typical prices for this turntable? Can they be had for less?

    Appreciate any insight you all may have.

  2. mythless

    mythless Too many projects! Subscriber

    They can but, it really depends on the market. I would assume even around $300 be fair for one of those turntables as you don't need to worry about shipping .
  3. hwystar

    hwystar AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I would bet that is a rather rare one to find. Sansui's TOTL? and Sui tables are not as common as say Technics or Pioneers or Duals even.
  4. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    The SR-838 (or the SR-929) are not all that common; you may need to do some looking. They are very nice TTs, though, well worth the search. If your heart is set on one, I'd say try to get the best deal you can, but be willing to go a little on the high side, simply because it may be a while before you find another one --and even when you do, it may not be any cheaper. (Besides, if you do find a cheaper one later, you can probably get it, too, and then clean up and re-sell one at the more expensive price.)
  5. tobyj17

    tobyj17 Comfortably Numb

    I love my SR-939.. well worth the search!
  6. ymarko

    ymarko Super Member

    SR-838 recently sold on eBay $500. $200 or below is very optimistic. SR-929 sold even higher.
  7. cosworth

    cosworth Active Member

    I have one near me selling for $300. Was not thinking of jumping on it really. Hmmm. I do like Sansui amps...
  8. mythless

    mythless Too many projects! Subscriber

    They are excellent tables for the money. For $300 I would jump on one.
  9. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow Swapping Gear Subscriber

    For as uncommon (not rare) as these are spoken about, I have been lucky enough to find two of them locally in very nice shape. Sold one in BT and was able to replace it, a year later, with one from CL. Looks great, works well and sounds nice with the Q-lock off. Not my primary table but I needed something that uses the standard headshell.

    I had the second one in the house for about a week when Tom claimed it. But I don't want to sell it yet as Tom is the guy whose standard headshell mounted cartridges I need this turntable to audition.
  10. DCrews

    DCrews Active Member

    Thanks everyone. That gives me a good idea of what to expect if I am able to find one. Wish me luck!
  11. myu701

    myu701 Vintage futurist

    I've been on the lookout for the 838 as well, since the 939 (TOTL) tends to command a lot more money and I don't see the functional differences enough to warrant the significant price difference to get it. Prices vary quite a bit depending upon condition. From what I've observed, anything in really great shape seems to grab a winning buyer anywhere from upper $300's to mid $500's. With problems like cosmetic issues and missing dustcover tends to go a lot lower, like about $200. But those kinds of sellers don't appear to be knowledgeable of how to properly pack a TT. I avoid them like the plague and prefer to wait for something local. A few local ones to me have popped up, but the sellers were asking too much and difficult to deal with.
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  12. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    You guys are a bad influence.

    There was one for sale locally and I could not resist.

    Picked it up last night

    A few minor issues :

    The anti-skate line was not connected, in place now.

    The secondary counter weight is absent,......:sigh:

    The cartridge overhang gauge is also missing, I will use Hakaplan's short cut instead.

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  13. totem

    totem AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nice score. There were if I recall 2 versions, with different head shells and minor
    plinth variations.
    How is the finish on yours? They can show scratches.
  14. stereofanboy

    stereofanboy Addicted Member

    Hakaplan has a shortcut? Can you link?
  15. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    The headshell has the azimuth correction feature.

    I did not know about the plinth variation, what are the differences?

    There are some minor light scratch under tonearm, from long finger nails ?:D

    Going to do some research on what is a good method for restoring the piano black surface.

    The cartridge is an Empire 2000E/III with a fresh looking aftermarket stylus.

    The dust cover has some light markings that needs a good polishing with PlastX.
  16. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    The distance from the tip of the stylus to the washer at the back of headshell is 53mm for Sansui S arm turntable.:music:
  17. mythless

    mythless Too many projects! Subscriber

    Looks like a nice find. Might replace your main table :scratch2:
  18. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    I was surprised that it was still there several days after it was first listed.

    It needs a good cleaning and some going over first.:music:
  19. twocoaster

    twocoaster Well-Known Member

    Balifly, I was very tempted to buy this myself... but too much gear already, especially turntables. Looks like it was a good grab - enjoy.:yes:
  20. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

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