Sansui SX-500???

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Moon_Man, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Moon_Man

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    I'm guessing this is late 80's BPC. :thumbsdn: Am I wrong?
  2. petehall347

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  3. Robisme

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    That is Pioneer. He is asking about Sansui.

    Model is actually S-X500. It is from a line of what I believe are very good receivers. I have been looking for an S-X1200 for a long time.

  4. bd1886

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    Lot of nomlicature to learn about this stuff!

    I've been learning a lot on what's what with model numbers and series distinctions......there is a methodology to it. Still,how does anyone learn it all? It's one thing model numbers. Another series names. But then again there are models distinct to countries of sale....and I'm just talking of consumer grade stuff!
    Devil is in the details!
  5. Moon_Man

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    Is it possible that this was a European product? I can only find minimal information on it and most seems to be European.

    I'm not crazy about the look - very 80's. But one is available locally and may be worth picking up for my garage system.

    If anyone knows ANYTHING about this model, I'd appreciate the education. Thanks.


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