Sanyo TP-600 SA

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Rygen, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Rygen

    Rygen I can break any motor.

    Just picked one of these up from a friend of mine (thanks Michael). Surprising sound from this table. It's heavy, built like a tank, belt driven and pretty damn quiet.

    Got a pretty substantial tone arm on it, seems medium mass to me. Base is very well constructed. Need to try my Denon DL-110 on it!

    Got it all set up and running some vinyl through it and really like it, I feel like this is a sleeper unit. Handsome unit as well in my opinion. Definitely a keeper!

    Anyone else have one of these or experience with the Sanyo units?

    Some pics...



  2. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno AK Subscriber Subscriber

  3. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    Looks like a great find from the early 70s. Congrats! :thmbsp:
  4. shimniok

    shimniok AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nice looking deck!
  5. boreas

    boreas AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've got the TP 626, probably a couple of years newer but with a strong family resemblance to yours, same arm, same control layout, same deck other than trim and a similar plinth. It is a surprisingly good turntable. The more time I spend with mine the more I like it. I'm sure you'll like yours a lot too.

    This Sanyo stuff definitely flies under the radar. They made some really good gear that nobody recognizes. Their "Plus Series" components are gaining a reputation but the regular line is definitely under-appreciated.

    That being said, they did make some total crap. I guess that's why the good stuff is so easily dismissed.


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  6. 12ax7

    12ax7 Super Member

    Hmmm... Wouldn't that arm look good on the AR? (j/k?)

    Just picked up a 626 and I've been lookin' at the arm, and lookin' at the AR, and lookin' at the arm, and lookin'...

    You're right though, they are nice tables. Another fine effort from CEC. Just my opinion but I think that lateral weight is more for "bling" than function. Kinda surprised to see them on Sanyo branded tables. the AR. Wonder if I could save the cueing? (j/k?)

  7. Rygen

    Rygen I can break any motor.

    You're a bad influence....
    ..the thought crossed my mind long before I put up this thread.
  8. DCinDC

    DCinDC I'm here to fix it Subscriber

    I have a TP-80SB. It's the same table in a high sided base with a top/front dust cover. I bought my first one when I was twelve. I sold it about 10 years ago, and then realized it's exactly what I wanted and had to go FIND and buy another one! I have a pic somewhere. I'll find it and post it.
  9. melofelo

    melofelo Addicted Member

    those sanyos look really cool ! i wouldn't pass either of those by..:thmbsp:
  10. Big Bill

    Big Bill Summertime Rolls..... Subscriber

  11. mythless

    mythless Too many projects! Subscriber

    Nothing wrong with a good Sanyo. I know I will be keeping my Q50 for a long time, my first turntable, haha, it now has sentimental value.
  12. gary7

    gary7 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just picked up a 600SA for $3. Very nice basic deck. Has original headshell with a AT cart, needs a new stylus. Missing the dust cover. (Anyone out there got one?) Cleaned up nicely & sounds great with my Shure M95ED. :music:

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  13. Rygen

    Rygen I can break any motor.

    Nice table. I still have mine and use it often.
  14. DCinDC

    DCinDC I'm here to fix it Subscriber

    That's the same basic CEC turntable as my TP80SB. Very nice.

    I probably have a dust cover but it's not at all nice. Still, PM me if you want a tatty one.
  15. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    Sorry to bring up this thread again but I just picked up one of these and was wondering how much a new cartridge & stylus for this model would cost. It currently has a Shure M91ED? cartridge and a yellow Hi-Track stylus with no needle in the stylus.

    I'm not a vinyl person per say but I stumbled across this and it was in such good shape that I couldn't pass on it.

    I'm just wondering if it's worth putting money into and if so probably as little as possible.

    Any suggestions as always are appreciated.
  16. Rygen

    Rygen I can break any motor.

    I like the sound of the M91ED and wish I kept mine, there are replacement stylus for it. Another option is a M97xe which sounds good on this table.
  17. boreas

    boreas AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The Sanyo belt drives like that one, made by C.E.C., are pretty nice tables and the Shure M91ED is a very good cartridge, quite a favorite around here. Generic replacement styli of good quality are available for it on eBay. EVG and Pfanstiehl are the brands with EVG being a little better than Pfanstiehl. They're unbelievably cheap but don't let the price fool you!

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  18. rnorton

    rnorton Super Member

    Love my Q40. The good Sanyo TT's were built by CEC.

    Try to keep them under the radar.
  19. rnorton

    rnorton Super Member

    I'd strongly consider replacing the cart with an AT-95VL.
  20. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    Hey John,

    Thanks for suggestions on the Styli's, I'll look into them tonight.

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