scratchy sound: is it my receiver or my speaker?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by rmunson, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. rmunson

    rmunson console destructor

    Hi Everyone --
    well, I'm having a little problem with my sx-727 -- the right speaker is scratchy and cuts out intermittantly. I have a pair of Klipsch KG4s.

    I have tried:
    using the three different speaker ports in the back of the sx-727 receiver.

    using different cables - (same bannana connectors on the speaker end and funny pioneer spade speaker plugs on the receiver end) but first was using 10 gauge monster wire and then tried some cheap 16 gauge speaker wire

    Powering the system off and the powering it back on...

    All of these attempts have not solved the problem - scratchiness on right speaker comes back after a while. The scratchiness is present with FM tuner, CD (aux) and phono...

    What do you all think? A problem in my speaker or a problem with my SX-727?

    Please advise -- any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Minneapolis, MN
  2. tentoze

    tentoze Twangophile

    Doubt it's a speaker issue. Swap the speakers left to right and see if the noise follows the speaker. Chances are it won't. Then get some DeOxit and clean the pots.
  3. joenielsen

    joenielsen Active Member

    I would definitely try cleaning all the pots and switches with Deoxit.
  4. joenielsen

    joenielsen Active Member

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I have a SX-727 as well and am enjoying it a lot. Cleaning the pots/switches is not very difficult.
  5. ARguy

    ARguy AR Collector

    The likely culprit is your balance control which nobody ever uses. Try twisting that back and forth a couple dozen times (power off) and see if that improves anything. If so then get out the Deoxit and clean away the grime!
  6. Groovy

    Groovy I AM CANADIAN

    :eek: Yes I agree.......9x out of 10 dirty volume pot or balance, on my sx-850 have had the same problem on a few occasions, :sigh:
  7. rmunson

    rmunson console destructor

    Sweet! thanks everybody! I'll give this a try as soon as I figure out how to clean the pots with deoxit ---

  8. hpsenicka

    hpsenicka Moderator Subscriber

    There are likely a number of threads that discuss various cleaning methods... you can use the search function to help find them.

    In a nutshell, you will need to remove the outer case to gain access to the pots and switches from the inside.

    Examine the construction of each switch assembly... on most gear the actual switch contact surfaces are encased inside a protective housing.

    Many times you can find small opening in which you can spray (or inject) a bit of DeOxit. DeOxit has a surprising capability to "creep" into crack and small openings... but sometimes you still need to use some patience and determiniation to find a way to get the cleaner into the contacts. Use gravity to your advantage (if necessary) to promote the flow of the solution into the switch assembly through whatever openings are available.

    As you liberally apply DeOxit solution to the contact surfaces, operate the switch repeatedly through its full range of motion, and follow up with a flush or rinse of DeOxit.

    If the contacts are actually exposed and visible, this becomes a very easy job.

    In extreme cases it may be necessary to partially dismantle the switch assembly to expose the contact surfaces, but this is not a procedure for the novice.
  9. rmunson

    rmunson console destructor

    Great! Thanks so much!

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