seeburg discotheque speaker system

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by theebadone, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. BwanaJim

    BwanaJim Well-Known Member

    EIGHT 15" woofers...........DAMN SON, how big is your listening room?
  2. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    my listenin room is 30 ft x 25 ft, they would make 1 heck of a surround system, I wouldnt even have to add a sub. lmao
  3. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    pics of crossovers

    Sorry, i was gonna post these earlier, but havent had a chance. Im old and slow, heres the pics of the clip ons someone has added. I swapped the crossovers on the speakers and they seem to be helpin in taming the highs and mids.
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  4. dgwojo

    dgwojo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Looks like a 16 ohm 806 driver on the horn, very nice, I love those!! :D
  5. Zilch

    Zilch Curve Junkie Subscriber

    I'm not seeing what you are calling "clip ons" in the pics; they look pretty much like the stock crossovers, the difference being whatever that is in the lower right of the second pic.

    Any idea what that is?

    [I have no opinion regarding 806A's ;) ]
  6. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    Sorry zilch, thats the add on i was talking about, someone sawed out for the speaker wire clip ons. I will get another pic of the back. Another question, i read that when utah made the drivers for altec, they were custom built just for this particular model. Is there any truth to that? Or are these just the run of the mill utah drivers? I can pull one out and take a pic if you wanna see them.
  7. Zilch

    Zilch Curve Junkie Subscriber

    They don't look "run of the mill" to me, but Gordon would know for sure. I'm just not familiar with Utahs....
  8. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    Here are the wire terminals someone added. If its factory it looks like an afterrthought. Thanks for the help. Tryin to find reliable info on these things is sketchy at best.
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  9. Zilch

    Zilch Curve Junkie Subscriber

    That connection label to the right is of particular interest. Could you post a readable pic of it, please?
  10. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    No problem i think the other speaker has a more legible one. gimme a few minutes ill have it up
  11. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    wiring diagram

    hope this is readable
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  12. Zilch

    Zilch Curve Junkie Subscriber

    Interestingly, "With all other speakers disconnected," they connected these 8-Ohm satellites to the 16-Ohm taps. I wonder if that meant with the internal speakers, if there were any, also disconnected.

    And 18 Ga wire up to 60 feet.... :)
  13. KentTeffeteller

    KentTeffeteller Gimpus Stereophilus!

    Seeburg introduced these in 1963 with the introduction of the LPC-1 jukebox. The LPC-1 and the rest of the 1960's Seeburg Line had Disco versions available and Seeburg offered this speaker system as part of the Disco system. Seeburg also had records available for dancing with the system and decor options as well. The speaker compliment you mention is original to this unit. Anyway, they sound superb. Some history for you!
  14. theebadone

    theebadone Super Member

    I have no clue on that one zilch, but thanks everyone, for the info
  15. Just Lucky

    Just Lucky Active Member

    I think I am going to pick up a pair of these. Are they keepers?
    Using them with the stock crossovers and drivers would acoustic foam at reflection points tame the high frequencies somewhat? I'm not terribly handy anymore and mods would be something I'd have to arrange to be done at an additional expense. i haven't owned many horn speakers and am aware they aren't everyone's cup of tea.

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