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Sherwood Newcastle CD 980 Skipping

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by mikerm, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. mikerm

    mikerm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Picked up a nice Sherwood Newcastle CD 980 the other day and it plays perfectly so long as the disc is in perfect condition. Even the slightest scratch or mark on a disc sends it skipping like mad (marks/scratches that wouldn’t bother any of my other players).

    Now I would have sent it off to e-waste at this point except for the fact that it has dual PCM 1702 chips and sounds wonderful. Much warmer sound than my personal “reference” player (Onkyo C-7030) while still maintaining a high level of detail. Really nice sound to my ears.

    Is this super sensitivity a sign of a failing or weak laser? Or is there anything else I could check?


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  2. qdrone

    qdrone Music is my mistress

    just a taste outside the law
    Have you tried cleaning the laser?
  3. mikerm

    mikerm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yes, didn’t make any difference.

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