Sherwood S-8800 VFET

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by jocko_nc, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. jocko_nc

    jocko_nc Super Member

    You (I think) don't find these every day. This receiver old school of the old school. Says VFET on the front.

    It powers up, but I have not done anything with it yet. Due to age, I want to clean it up first.
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  2. jocko_nc

    jocko_nc Super Member

    That flash makes it look dirtier than it really is...
  3. Stoffie

    Stoffie Sony afficionado

    VFET on a Sherwood, never heard of! Looks like an interesting piece.

    Post some pics of the inside :)
  4. jocko_nc

    jocko_nc Super Member

    Yea. No a.m. tuner, either. I'll try to get her presentable tonight.
  5. geespot

    geespot PUT it IN MY POCKET

    I have the 'a' version of this. Nice 30-40 watts.
  6. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    VFET, are you sure it is not just FET? The unit predates VFETs by a few years. The company came out with the first to use all silicon transistors in their tuners, amps and receivers, then FETs and microcircuits in the tuners. Never saw any Sherwood advertising it had VFETs.
  7. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Plain ol' FETs in the front end. They sort of revolutionized solid state tuners; earlier, there were few transistors good at VHF. The earliest "solid state" tuners and receivers often used a tube (or even two) in the front end... often a Nuvistor.
  8. jocko_nc

    jocko_nc Super Member

    Yep. Sorry, guys. Was just downstairs looking at it closely for the first time. I was mistaken and misread as "FET" as "VFET". The old language confused me. I was surprised when the outputs looked so normal. Oops.

    Here are some pics. Both channels work, though I could not get really critical.

    $12.00 at the Habitat today...

    What is up with the tiny Preamp Level and Hush pots???
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  9. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    These US made SS units are really nice. I am using a tuner and amp from the period and love them. Really makes beatiful music. I have the SEL-200 receiver in the stack but it needs some tlc. I'd suggest getting it gone through by a good tech. Usually a few caps need replacing.
  10. jocko_nc

    jocko_nc Super Member

    I'll probably check this one out best I can and sell it to someone who specifically collects Sherwood. I have too much stuff that I am not using.
  11. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    Hope it goes to someone willing to invest in getting it gone through to assue it meets spec. I suspect based on my units these many be sleeper receivers.

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