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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Kt77, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Kt77

    Kt77 Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    I merely wanted to share my venue over to visit David and Jeff over at David Michael Audio in Royal Oak Michigan - and have to say that it was quite an eventful listening session to say the least, these guts have acquired some of the nicest sounding components at every price range one could hope for - while having such a nice low key manage about themselves that's quite rare in itself.

    Here was my first chance to listen to the Magico S1 ( which I feel in love with in merely 12 seconds after hearing them - and as some of you might know?, I'm more of a Mini-Monitor sort of guy ) as well as Rockport Atlairs and Harbeth 30.1s which I'd have to say are the best sounding ones I've encounter from this company to date in regards to musical integration as well as drive and more of a guided sense of purpose compared to the older models.

    Amp wise - I was taken by the overall appearances of the Constallation products as well as the Aesthetix Io Eclipse Phono-Stage being used in tandem with the VPI Classic MK IV making absolutely lovely music with a Phasemation P-1000 MC Cartridge that simply took my breath away, and allowed both my mind and spirit to become one with the universe and even more deeply rooted to a collective whole in regards to mental enlightment in a manner to which I've only thought possible in movies.

    Yet, for me the greatest part of this outing was actually to meet for the first time guys that I've spoken with on the phone for all of 5 years, but now having the time to meet them both face to face was rewarding in itself - as they are once again very very rare in regards to people ( music lovers ) whom actually take the time to understand what the consumer wants regardless of ones budget and works with you according to said wants without feeling as if you don't belong - unless you're pulling up in a Silver Shadow, as some dealers would have to take your funds to places like Best Buy or Radio Shack instead breathing the same air as the elite.

    It's just extremely rare to come across people so taken with the music and then the means of accessing it through the means of properly built and thought out systems with an emphasis on synergy first and foremost as compared to just basing ones purchase upon highly recommended or levels of components based upon reviews.

    This is why Finding dealers with a sense of what each of us want in life through our systems are important and deserve our support - because in reality people like these cats are rarer then chicken teeth, and I for one am honored to have a place in Michigan that actually cares about their customers vs looking at dollar signs as one enters their place in search of guidance. It's just that olde fashion vibe thing that has me wanting to share said tales, as they just don't happen like this every day.

    Show support, by sending the guys an email or even a visit if you're ever in the area?, it's time well spent with human beings that actually care - shit, how rare is that?.

    o_O scar
  2. Tom Bombadil

    Tom Bombadil AK Member Subscriber

    Madison, Wisconsin
    I'd like to hear those S1's. Nice to learn that there are top notch dealers out there.
  3. Kt77

    Kt77 Well-Known Member

    Hi Tom,

    Trust me......., they're one of the most enjoyable floor standers I've heard in my entire life - and as mentioned, I've always had a preference towards Mini-Monitors in the $1.500 - $2.700 price ranges, but these merely blown my mind with their greater sense of both purity as well as clarity.

    And both the guys have a certain warmth and inviting way of making you feel as if you're a family member as opposed to a client - which makes it feel that much more comfortable just spending time listening as if it was a uncle of sort.

    Rare encounter of the fifth kind, I might add.

    :thmbsp:_o scar
  4. rcspkramp

    rcspkramp AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Vancouver, WA
    Magico S1s are really excellent. I spent some time with them at the Newport, CA show this past June. Duly impressed.
  5. Kt77

    Kt77 Well-Known Member

    I found them very impressive as well, and having sampled them with the likes of Rogue Sphinx - VTL IT-85 and Luxman 505AX as well as some $15.000 Accuphase integrated's really allowed me to hear them through different technologies both solid state and tubes.

    And they played to my heart, and if I were able to travel back in time and had the funds I had then!, I'd be listening to them this very second - I found them well worth building around, even at their price.

    Simply a very elegant speaker and sound.
  6. slippers-on

    slippers-on Music...let it move you!

    Saint Charles Mo.
    Sounds like you had a great time Big Guy! I hope to hear a pair some day , but no dealers least not that I know of. Nothing like a nice tube friendly speaker that does it all. Thats what a cat should be shooting for.Those sound like the ones you go into retirement years with....sounds like my flavor!
  7. Kt77

    Kt77 Well-Known Member

    Hi Brotha B,

    It was a beautiful outing, a much needed one at that. As mentioned above, had these been available when I had the funds 4 years ago.........., I'd have quite happily built my system around them and say something like a Pathos Acoustics Classic MK III and as you've pointed out - retired with them and the magical ( pun intended ) sound I heard.

    An eye/ear opening experience - big time.

    Live/Listen/Learn I'd say.


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