Show Us Your Dinner! (Home Cooking ONLY please!)

Discussion in 'Cooking & Spirits' started by sKiZo, Jan 8, 2016.

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    That looks soooo good!
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    70° at the beach today in NorCal. Picked some mussels. That's a 5 gallon bucket. My friend made Curry Sauce with curry, coconut milk, garlic, fish sauce, sweet Thai basil, cilantro and peppers.

    Bucket_IMG_4762.jpg Curry_IMG_4763.jpg
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    Nothing personal of course, just jealousy kicking in.
    I'm sittin' at home with a balmy 7 degrees outside eating chicken nuggets:rolleyes:
    Beleive it or not it was in the 50's at noon yesterday.

    I would soooooooo love to be diggin' into that BTW.
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    It's ok, I understand. My daughter lives in NYC. It's was the first time ever that it wasn't cold, grey and windy. The weather was unusually crazy nice, here. The mussels were good too. There are gazillions and not many take time to collect them. Stay warm!
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    Grilled flat iron steak tacos with chopped sweet onion, cilantro and hot as shit salsa on corn tortillas. Probably my favorite of all time.

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