Signs that your mouse is wearing out

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by Numistrek09, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Numistrek09

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    In my house
    Well, what are some signs that a mouse is bout had it? Haven't had to replace one since giving up a balled version for laser, probably about 7 years ago.
  2. 33&athird

    33&athird Turn on & Tune in

    Lexington, Kentucky
    Well, several things;

    One, it randomly does not work, or switches between working and non-working, sometimes with cable movement (the usb cable can degrade over time). Also watch for the computer to say "USB mouse connected" (or a variation of), which is another sign of a bad cord.

    Another thing to watch for is if it randomly slings the pointer/cursor in a corner or otherwise spazes can try a mousepad, or different surface, but if it still does it, then the laser is getting a bit can get really frustrating, and if you do detail work or game, a mouse that randomly moves the cursor is useless.

    The buttons themselves can go bad too, since their are two main ones, the scroll, then the scroll click, at some point, one will go bad. The worst part is they never seem to stop working, but rather work when you don't want them too.

    You can check the pads on the bottom, I've had several mice where the pads are worn down, though it's uncommon...most mice really don't get on the road much;).

    I'd buy a good quality laser-optic mouse and be done with it for many years. Finally got fed up with ours going bad...first a Dell basic mouse, then to a standard Microsoft one(which are actually great mice), then to a labtec, and a ball logitech in there. After all that (wore through those in about a year), finally found a nice "gaming"(read;ergonomic) mouse on sale, it's fantastic. If you treat a mouse right, it'll last a long time.

    And yes, ball mice are a thing of the past, I like them a bit, but nothign beats the accuracy and ease of use of a laser mouse (I hate opening everything up to clean a ball mouse).

    That's a lot of laymans terms, if it doesn't work, it'll let you know, up until then, don't worry about it:thmbsp:

    DENNYDOG Addicted Member

    South Central,MN
    It could be it's dirty where the laser is on the bottom. If you bought it seven years ago it's probably not wireless correct?

    I bought a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo last year at Target and love them both. The mouse doesn't have a model number on it but the keyboard says S 510 cordless keyboard.

    The mouse is super fast and can move across the screen with just a small movement. It took a little bit to get used to the fast cursor I but can't stand using anything else now. It only takes about 1 1/4" of movement to go across the screen.
  4. 33&athird

    33&athird Turn on & Tune in

    Lexington, Kentucky
    Not the OP, but that would be my guess as well, wireless is a recent craze, I had to go out of my way to get a wired one:rolleyes:

    Ah, yes...the DPI (dot per inch), basically resolution, it determines mouse speed. Some modern ones, such as the one I just got (A logitech mx518) has adjustable DPI, and you can switch it on the fly, with some "up" and "down" buttons, and set the values in included software, amazing stuff. You can make it take 1/2 a foot to move across the screen or 1/2 inch. I run it around 800dpi (when playing Team fortress two, at least)...been thinking of bumping it up.


    Best way to tell your mouse is worn out?, you don't hear the wheel turning anymore*:D

    *I apologize in advance:eek:.
  5. dew042

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    I prefer mice with hard rubber balls. Laser mice are for sissies.

  6. Mark W.

    Mark W. Nut house of the Universe

    Silverton, Oregon
    if you have to pound it on the mouse pad to get it to work again.

  7. shimniok

    shimniok AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Centennial, CO
    If it is simply be wires starting to wear out from strain that is easily fixed. I got a couple of $5 mice several years ago and the one I use most finally had some wires break. It was a pretty quick matter of disassembly, re-stripping, resoldering, reassembly and now it's good for another several years... and it stays out of the landfill awhile longer.
  8. Rodzilla

    Rodzilla Super Member

    Halifax NS.
    really mice are pretty cheap for the most part...if you've got problems,clean and check the basics as already stated in this thread,i'll add making sure any openings or lens's on the bottom of the mouse are CLEAN,a poorly placed bit of fluff or dust can make you think an optical mouse is clearly possessed!...but if none of that fixes it...don't lose any sleep over it,it's time to say your goodbyes and just get a new one...7 years is a pretty good life for a mouse :)
  9. benb

    benb Well-Known Member

    I got a Logitech Mouseman (old PS/2 interface) that came with a 1999 Dell, I finally had "random" cursor movement stops that I thought for a while was a software issue, but no it was the cable going after all those years of use. I got about half a dozen more of that model in recent years at Goodwill before they totally dropped computer products, and I've got two of these on different desks, so I'm set for a while more.

    The main/only mouse problem I have is the ball and little rollers getting gunk on them and making the cursor not track well. When this happens I clean the ball, rollers AND mousepad, and I'm good to go for a few more months.

    I've heard about wireless mice - the problem is they run on batteries, and if you use the computer much the batteries need replacing often.

    I use the PS/2 interface mice and keyboards (direct plug-in on desktops, a simple PS/2-to-USB adapter for laptops), as they make an extra USB port available for something else.
    Me too.

    Cue AC/DC, "We've Got Big Balls"

    Oh, and I've never seen a mechanical ball mouse move the cursor all the way across the screen.
  10. OvenMaster

    OvenMaster Ears Of Tin Subscriber

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    I'm on my fourth mouse since 2001, with heavy daily use. Without fail, there's only been one thing that consistently dies, no matter the brand or type: the left mouse button. I get about 2, 2.5 years use per mouse.
  11. JimJ[VT]

    JimJ[VT] Super Member

    Hillsborough, NC
    I always found my balls got dirty.

    Wait, what...
  12. 4dryhme

    4dryhme Super Member

    Ottawa, On .ca
    Ditto! After a while, some random period like above, we have to start adding more and more pressure in order to engage the micro switch. We'll find that the drag and drop drops halfway from a to b. Much swearing and gnashing of teeth before remembering that the mouse had mechanical parts that wear out.

    Our best dollar investment has always been the basic MS mouse (with the gray balls) but in the last iteration of the quest weren't able to locate one so bought a generic laser mouse that works very well.

    We had one of the first Logitech wireless mice and initially I loved the thing (this is before bluetooth) but the constant batteries and inaccuracy and slight sluggishness in QuakeII (gibbed so many times, let me count the ways) that when it went to dead mouse heaven we converted to generics. That Logitech was a over a hundred dollars. Not the best Christmas present I ever asked for...

    DENNYDOG Addicted Member

    South Central,MN
    I paid about $50 for my wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse. Best investment I've ever made. The batteries in both have lasted me over a year. I think they have come a long way since they first came out. I haven't had any hiccups with mine.
  14. Karu Kutt

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    1. Does it have gray hairs?
    2. Does it have any hair?
    3. Does cheese give it gas?
    4. Does it just lay around all day not wanting to tease the cat?
    5. Does Minnie get him aroused?
    6. Does Mickey get her aroused?

    Tall tell signs.
  15. vinyldavid

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    I bought a $10 logitech optical mouse at least 5 years ago, and it's still going strong...lasted longer than even the Apple mouse that came with the computer (never liked it, and the scroll wheel kept not working), the only problem I have with it is that it sometimes double clicks when I single click :scratch2:

    If you hold it up to the light you can see the divots where my fingers have been :D
  16. finnbow

    finnbow The Dude Abides

    MoCo, MD
    If it has Microsoft written across the top of it, it won't be long before it breaks. If it says Logitech, it'll last a long time indeed.
  17. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Northern California
    I currently use a Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Laser Mouse. I'm on about my 4th one, though I don't fault the mouse in any way. I go through a new mouse about every 6 months.

    I play a game called "World of Warcraft" at night most nights and I'm pretty obsessive. Twice a week we will have a large "raid" that lasts 5+ hours and involves either 10 or 25 people. One night I recorded myself as having clicked my mouse over 25,000 times in that 5 hour span, which equates to about 1.4 clicks per second during that time if you don't factor in the breaks, etc.

    Usually I'll notice it begin to die when I start having to press the mouse button harder to make it click or sometimes have to click twice before it will register.
  18. 33&athird

    33&athird Turn on & Tune in

    Lexington, Kentucky
    I actually do like the older logitech ball mouse we have (a m-bb48:dunno:), it has a body style no-one uses anymore, which is a shame, it's comfy. And cleaning isn't a big deal, but laser mice are a bit easier in that regard. I will say that ball mice have a nice resistance to them that makes movement more natural. Ball mice also have some added weight, which some laser mice have, but most avoid. Basically, I would use a ball mouse if I didn't play games on the computer as much:yes:.

    Mousepad makes a big difference...ours was being cleaned one a week, could be because the lousy free bank mouspad:scratch2:.

    If you get "last years model", you can get excellent mice for cheap. My most recent, a nice "gaming" mouse was only $20, and originally sold for around $100, you just have to wait for a sale to come up...I like newegg in that regard, they have good mice on sale pretty reguarly.

    Actually, the generic Micorsoft mouse isn't that bad, and is pretty durable, for it's price range it's well-rounded...I will say that I think Logitech does some of the best stuff in the biz these days, especially for the price most are.

    And yeah, 7 years on a mouse? above average, I think.
  19. usedto

    usedto Lunatic Member

    One sure giveaway is when it wraps itself in a piece of cheese and lays on it's back in front of your cat with a sign that says "EAT ME".:yes:
  20. jimbofish

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    I've rescued a couple of mice by dripping De-oxit into the micro-switches... same drill as with a dirty pot or switch.

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