Discussion in 'SMAC Forum' started by olson_jr, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. olson_jr

    olson_jr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    Wow, I can remember when SMAC was a big thing in here.


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  2. sKiZo

    sKiZo Hates received: 8641 Subscriber

    It IS a big thing ... in the SMAC forum anyway ... <G>

    They're just on winter hiatus ... stay tuned!
  3. Punker X

    Punker X AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Panic in Detroit
    Most have transitioned over to the Gmail mailing list.
  4. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier

    I'm still trying to get to a SMAC meet-up. Weekends are usually incredibly hard to get away from the chaos going on here.

    These past few months have been a bit trying to us here, with my oldest being in the mental hospital for a few weeks, and a few days later, down at Henry Ford due to some overreaction to what the mental hospital pumped into her. My ex is trying to find a group home she can live at since she pretty much needs 24/7 supervision (even when she stays here).

    And my youngest is in her senior year at HS and commuting downtown to CCS for college once August hits. So there's a lot of activity there also.

    I'm there. Something about mysterious noises, and @Gfederys and @VinylRob vouching for my character, or whatever we call it... :D
  5. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier

    Haven't forgotten the "swap." I have some tax refund goodness heading my way next month, so I'll be grabbing some portable storage I can load up. I'm nearly out of room on my server, so I'm also debating whether or not to tether a couple of drives onto my existing NAS or just get a second NAS entirely (partly to handle a mirrored backup).

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