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Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by chrisjlaw, Jan 20, 2009.

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    I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of Snell Type E speakers from a local seller. Apparently they are in good cosmetic condition but woofers require refoamed. Seller is asking $100. Worth pulling the trigger? Thanks in advance for any input.
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    The Snell Type E is a vintage audio classic and if you need them, would be an excellent buy at $100. The cone diameter appears to be right on at 6", so the generic 8" foam available from matelectronics and other cheap sources should work, BUT these Snell speakers have a slightly oversized roll, I know because I just overlaid a generic 8" foam onto it and it fell a bit short. I personally would look for and ensure that the proper foam is purchased to do the job right. I would be very selective as to obtaining these foams, the Snells are worth it and it would add to your resale value if you chose to unload them.

    The person who posted this ad claims to have gotten new foam for them, I'd see if they were willing to part with the source, because they are clearly the correct type:

    I would be wary of eBay vendors unless they confirm that the roll is oversized and the correct one for your application. Many are selling "kits" that are just generic sized and may not be what you need.

    You can refoam these yourself, that is an easy process with much info on this and other sites on how to do it properly.
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    I'd get them at that price...:thmbsp:
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    I agree - I have a pair of Type J needing a refoam and the generic 8" foams have a roll that is too narrow. I've been looking for a larger roll foam but no luck. I also think that the 8 inch EPI and Genesis woofers also used this larger roll surround originally but many people (me included) refoam them with a typical foam - it works but I've measured the fs of my refoamed EPI woofers and it is not as low as the original specs.

    At $100 I'd buy those E's.
  6. chrisjlaw

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    I contacted the seller of the Snell E/IIIs advertised on kijiji as suggested by lukiedog and asked where they obtained their foam surrounds. This was the reply:

    "I didn't have mine re-done —it was done by my customer, so I don't know where he sourced them. I would try Vancouver Audio Speaker Clinic."

    Looks like some more work will be needed to source the foams with the correct roll.
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    I contacted Snell re. new woofer foams. This is the reply:

    "We don't have the refoam kits for our speakers and don't really
    recommend it because of the differences in the materials used. We do
    have a solution though! We have the woofers for the Type E series
    available. We take crossover components and adjust them to match the
    production woofer to the master reference E woofer. We include these
    components along with installation instructions with the woofer. The
    cost of the E series woofer is $149.00 each. We would need to know which
    Type E speaker you have, either the E original,EII,EIII or EIV. If you
    would like to talk or order the woofers you can call at the number below
    or e-mail and there is an order form found on our website."
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    I have 2 sets of Snell Type E. Type EIII and Type E II; excellent speakers.

    They have beaten many (37 other sets of speakers, still working on getting rid of the culls…) other speakers in A/B tests and I give the Type EIII’s slightly higher marks than the Type EII’s which are in use as my rears for my Surround system. The III’s are in dual use, fronts and main stereo speakers via a switch.

    Refoaming works fine, the drivers are all Vifas, and I used standard speaker foam and it fit fine. YMMV depending on the actual maker of the foam.
  9. lukiedog

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    I went the same route and got pretty much the same response:

    Hi XXXX,
    We do not do the refoaming of the Type E series woofers and do not have
    any refoaming kits. We do have the woofers for all of the Type E
    speakers. We tune each woofer individually to the master woofer and
    include the tuned crossover components with installation instructions.
    We would need to know which model of the Type E series you own, either E
    original,EII,EIII or EIV. The cost of the E series are all $149.00 each
    with shipping in the continental U.S. included. If you are interested in
    ordering you can call at the number below or use the order form found on
    our website.

    Mark Malynn
    Snell Acoustics Customer Service Department
    (978) 538-6262 ext. 6273
    Mon.-Fri. 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

    Clearly, one must re-foam the existing woofers, the replacement woofer prices are on the unreasonable side.

    GeoAli on eBAy is advertising he has Snell foams. I put a mike to the front of the roll on my woofer (EIII) and got 18mm for the Snell and 16mm for the generic 8". You might want to contact him and let him know you are aware of the difference and to confirm what he is offering is the larger roll. The generic 8" appears to fit and could be used, but you would be changing the characteristics of the driver somewhat. I have used alternate foams without ill effect on some projects (Paradigm Titan), but I'd do my best to get the right ones before going that route.

    The EPI 8", by the way, can be refoamed with generic 8" from Matelectronics (.99/ea last time I checked) and it is a perfect fit.
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    I've got EIVs that I purchased new back in college. They are excellent speakers in my opinion. I have been very happy with them regardless of the type of music and gear I've used them with.

    I've used them with 3WPC tube amps and beastly 200WPC SS amps. They also powered many keg parties and have done everything I've asked (which has been a lot) remarkably well. Just good all around speakers.

    I probably won't ever sell them.


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