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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by kenrothman, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. kenrothman

    kenrothman Fifth Beatle

    Can anyone tell me anything about the Sony PS-X55 turntable I just purchased? Haven't received it yet... looks decent... anyone have any real data?

    (Hey - my first post!)
  2. Jon S

    Jon S Well-Known Member

    I have one. If it works, fine, if it does not, toss it. The unit is heavily built, but the electronics are flaky as it ages (my unit just spins the platter, won't do anything else).

    The cueing mechanism might be bad by now (leaky silicon damping fluid is a common issue with old turntables). Luckily, if you need a new cartridge, the turntable has a built-in protractor engraved under the rubber mat. The hinges of the dust cover is prone to breaking, the spring tension is rather high and the hinges are made of plastic that is prone to cracking. It has gel filled feet, which isolates rumble pretty well from the turntable. I liked it when it works, but it broke down too many times. Finally gave up on it.
  3. kenrothman

    kenrothman Fifth Beatle

    Well, it came yesterday. So far so good... everything works, seems to be fine.

    Of course, you were right about the dust cover hinges... one is broken. I'm going to have to repair it with some epoxy, but that's minor.

    It came with an Empire LTD 500 cartridge. Does anyone know anything about it? I think it's probably ready for a new stylus, at least... is that worth pursuing, or should I just pay $40 for a new Grado Black and be done with it?
  4. Jon S

    Jon S Well-Known Member

    Expoxy won't fix it. The spring tension is extremely high, it will just break again. You will have to insert some sort of metal plate where the spring contacts the hinges and glue it in.
  5. zeus29106

    zeus29106 New Member

    Thanks for the heads up info on the ps-x55. Hope your turntable works great
  6. gonzothegreat

    gonzothegreat Super Member

    I used steel banding strap to repair my hinges but even that only lasted until the plastic broke again. The last time I attempted a repair, the plastic shattered and shot the piece of banding strap just above my right eye. Needless to say, wear goggles when attempting the repair unless you really dig the pirate eyepatch look.

    The same hinges were used on numerous Sony models so finding a good one/pair isn't terribly difficult. I'll probably reinforce the good pair I have on my PS-X5 with banding strap so they won't crack.
  7. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

  8. Satch

    Satch Audiotinkerer

    I had one, beautiful looking TT with decent arm. I think the Empire fitted will work better then a Grado Black, so get a new stylus and enjoy.
  9. bshorey

    bshorey AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have one. I've also got a spare one for parts, which appears to have a good dustcover.

    I'm located west of Boston, in Boxborough, and get into town every once in a while. Lemme know if you're interested in the cover and we can figure out a way to get it to you.

    I love mine, but it has one problem I could use some help/advice with. The arm return kicks in prematurely, when playing 45's it lifts and returns before the end of the track. Anybody have a service manual, or instructions on how to adjust it?

    Enjoy yours, I've had mine since the early 80's. It doesn't get a ton of use, but it's been a good table, and other than the above problem it's never let me down.


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