Sony STR-V2 vintage receiver worth much?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by reeltorock, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. reeltorock

    reeltorock Active Member

    I found this receiver at a thrift store today, it's in very good condition, only one scratch on the top of the faceplate, all lights work, clean controls, good tuner section. I'm thinking of putting it on eBay since I'm into collecting Marantz gear right now. What do you think she's worth? It's built really solid and looks cool with the vivid green lighting. It'll get a full cleaning inside and Deoxit before getting sold. If someone knows a link to vintage Sony specs that would be great too!

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  2. reeltorock

    reeltorock Active Member

    Found the following specs in a scan of a 1979 Vancouver, BC, Canada newspaper:

    25WPC @8ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.3% THD
    True complimentary DC power amplifier
    Uni-phase IF filters
    PLL in multiplex decoder
    FM frequency linear dial scale
    FM inter-station muting
    Tape input and output
    Professional stepped volume control
    11-position stepped tone control
    Loudness compensation switch
    Signal strength meter
    Centre channel meter
    Stereo indicator light
    AC convenience outlet: 1 unswitched
    Stereo headphone output
    Wooden side panel supplied
  3. vintagestereo

    vintagestereo Banned

    That's a BOTL Sony. There may have been a V1, not sure. The TOTL 150 wpc V7 got $177.00 in a recent auction. Maybe worth about $30-$40 on E-Bay in nice opertating condition. Not working...probably next to nuthin'. Just not much demand for it.

    However, the one you find looks GREAT for what it is. Very nice photograph. :thmbsp:
  4. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    Nice little receiver. Not going to get much for it as persons generally are looking for the big boys but IMHO, these types of units mated with the right speakers can provide 99% of what the big boys deliver.

    Rather than eBay, why not put it up on the AK classified sections first and see if you can get what you like to see as a reasonable return on your investment and time.
  5. mhardy6647

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  6. Sluggo

    Sluggo Super Member

    Sony Str-v1 Soothes Toddlers At Nap Time!

    and yes,there are V1's out there.I donated one to
    our local headstart school,that I got at a church sale
    for $2.00 and for sound I hooked them up with a
    pair of Celestion 5 speakers,a GW score for $6.00!
    the teacher was very grateful as she tunes it in to
    a classical fm station out of victoria B.C. to
    quite the little monsters at nap time.
    and maybe some future Ak'ers get a headstart!!!
    :boring: :boring: :boring: Sluggo
  7. reeltorock

    reeltorock Active Member

    STR-V2 for sale in AK classifieds

    After spending time cleaning the receiver thoroughly and using Nu-Trol on all the controls, it's up for sale in the AK classifieds! It's a shame, if it weren't for three scratches the receiver would be 100% cosmetically mint...check it out :D
  8. Karl

    Karl New Member

    I had a V2 for a while at the cottage, had paid $80 for the unit, it had been professionally restored and was in mint condition. This model was among the last decent quality receivers manufactured by Sony before the brand abandoned the mid-fi segment for the low-end (Sony) and high-end (Sony ES). No idea what it was worth new but the build quality is better than most 25w receivers in its class. Unfortunately it was damaged beyond repair by a power surge during a thunderstorm. Apparently it was too much for the protection circuit to handle.
  9. d2e8b8

    d2e8b8 Active Member

    I have a V4 and it is as good as any I've heard. Heavy and clean power. Personally, I like the layout and the green lights.
  10. BOUXY

    BOUXY Super Member

    I had a V2 also and it was in mint condition to look at and played perfectly.In the last year or so I have unloaded 16 Receivers of all makes: Sony,Sansui,Pioneer,Aiwa,Toshiba,Hitachi,Sanyo,Akai,Heathkit just to name a few.Many I picked up because they were thrown out so these were N/C,others for as little as a Fiver but none cost over Twenty.Cleaned most up and that was it.What was their value?I averaged 50-60 per unit sold so I made a few bucks in total.Wanted to keep them all but had no room.Getting ready to to the same with Speakers as I have too many as it is!
  11. Michael Powers

    Michael Powers Well-Known Member

    The interesting thing with these Sony receivers is that they used the same chassis & faceplate as the STR-4800(SD), 5800(SD), et cetera, but internally they have different circuit topologies. These impressed me as having better build quality compared to the V2. The STR-4800 uses Darlington STK modules for the output transistors.
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  12. Montycat

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    I got a V3 for $20 locally and with a bit of cleaning and tuner restringing it works great. It had some damage to the veneer but other than that looks mint. They are nice units.
  13. relaximus

    relaximus Consoles 'Я' Us Subscriber

    Yep, very underrated receivers. This is my 6800SD that impressed enough to have solid walnut side panels made for it.





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