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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by wmgwizard, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. wmgwizard

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    I have had this piece for a little while and in the beginning everything was fine.

    One day after a few weeks of non use I hooked her up and got no sound.

    Lights up, tunes stations, no relay click.

    The biggest problem for both my tech and myself is there is no schematic available. It is not included in the service manuals we were able to find. My tech even checked with his contacts at Sony with no luck.

    Anybody have a schematic for this or know where I might get one?
  2. ryuuoh

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  3. Guest101

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    There is a big difference between the 7800 and 6800.
  4. wmgwizard

    wmgwizard Super Member

    Thanks for the suggestion but the little information I have found indicate significant differences in the 7800's design specific to this particular model.

    It may be closer to the V-7 or V-9 than the 6800.
  5. wmgwizard

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  6. petehall347

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    if i get chance i will look through the sony manuals i have hundreds but they aren't in proper order .. last 2 i looked for i didn't have ..maybe this will be 3rd time lucky ...thing is my manuals are for uk stuff .. so don't hold your breath .
    topology is much the same for amps . so shouldn't be to difficult for your tech to find why its in protection ..
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  7. wmgwizard

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    Thank you so much for trying, any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank You
  8. Turnergande

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    The STR7800 SD servive manual I have was downloaded free via Maybe still available there?
  9. wmgwizard

    wmgwizard Super Member

    The manual is listed as incomplete, it has everything BUT the schematic.

    If your copy has a schematic I would really appreciate a copy

    Thanks so much for trying

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