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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by dadsaway, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. dadsaway

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    So I answered an ad in our local trader for a pair of "Sound Decision" speakers with a shiny silver speaker in it. What they turned out to be was a very nice pair of Sound Dynamics 12s speakers with the spun aluminum horn with those orange tweeters that everyone says are good. Well after looking them over and making sure the foam was good....he turned on his BPC receiver in his garage and WOW....what a sound!! Sold!! So as I am putting the grills back on...what do I do......I put a post from the grill frame right through the foam on one woofer!!!:tears:

    So now....I need to ask....what foam fits the SD 12s properly? I am not sure I want the red foams....but if that's what they came with...then why not. Has anyone re-foamed a pair of these and where did you get them? If anyone knows what caps are in them also....I might as well order some of them too.


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  2. nissan guy

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    Red should be original from what i have seen. Also i seem to remember reading people just use a red cerwin vega surround for the same size woofer.
  3. cratz2

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    I've never heard that vintage, but have always like the brand.

    How would you describe the balance? Are they light in the mids or were they pretty balanced?
  4. 68custom

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    you would have had to refoam them anyway, I have a pair of 6s-s that I need to refoam, someday..
  5. dadsaway

    dadsaway Active Member

    To me ...for the few minutes I heard them in his garage.....they sounded pretty balanced. Maybe a little bass heavy but that could have been the way he had his receiver set up. The bass though was BASS....some nice deep, feel it in your chest bass. I am sure with a 12" and a tweeter in a 2-way, there will be some tweaking with the eq once I start to do some serious listening though.
  6. dadsaway

    dadsaway Active Member

    I saw on simplyspeakers that they only have one 12" Cerwin Vega foam kit....that has got to be the one huh?

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