Soundcraftsmen 2640TX- Too cool!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by wizargoz, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. wizargoz

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    Got these Soundcraftsmen 2640TX "Lancers" a few weeks back and am amazed at their sound. Also have a Soundcraftsmen amp so maybe they were built for each other. But has anyone see this kind of metal horn tweeter blooming from the center of a driver before? Saw one on ebay that said it was a University Sound 312 triaxial or driaxiel. Still not sure if it's coming out of the mid-range or woofer.
    Anyway they sound awesome and are now a primary pair (along with a pair of Vandersteens) in my system...

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  2. wizargoz

    wizargoz Super Member

    Forgot- these are not MY actual pictures, but are identical to what I have- and in near perfect shape as those pictured.
  3. SleeperSupra

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    How do they stack up against the Vandersteens?

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