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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Clmrt, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Clmrt

    Clmrt Just thrilled.

    Show me some.
  2. Billfort

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  3. kbott

    kbott Addicted Member

    not really Soviet but Soviet state my Intervox Mark 10 Model BHP 1062 made in Hungary

  4. ManFromPorlock

    ManFromPorlock Super Member

    Melodya records can be pretty good.
  5. BmWr75

    BmWr75 Addicted Member

    Russia (and China) pretty much dominate the new tube market now.
  6. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    I've run across a couple of LPs produced in the old Soviet Bloc that sound very nice indeed.
  7. drknstrmyknight

    drknstrmyknight AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Music Hall turntable are manufactured in the Czech Republic
  8. BrokenHill

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  9. kope_hun

    kope_hun Active Member

    Are you interested in gear from the Soviet Union or the eastern bloc in general?
  10. Clmrt

    Clmrt Just thrilled.

    EB is cool.
  11. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    The Eastern Block would be the Soviet Union, without it you just have Russia.

    This has been knowledge you will never need with you host Vintage Hi-F! :D
  12. Sandy G

    Sandy G Spiteful Old Cuss Moderator Subscriber

    Soviet Hi-Fi equipment, Strong like Tractor, Sounds like Bull...I have a Diora "Calypso" radio made in Poland, it is a knock-off of the German wooden table-model sets of the 1950s-'60s...Surprisingly, it even has the 88-108 MC FM band...Not a very good performer, & the finish is pretty laughable compared to the Grundigs, Emuds, SABAS, etc it was supposed to compete with. I got it mainly because I didn't have a Combloc radio of any kind, I never saw one like it before or since.
  13. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    There were EB states that weren't part of the Soviet Union - Poland, Yugoslavia, etc.
  14. whoaru99

    whoaru99 Part-time Iconoclast Subscriber

    Cool question; never really thought about it. I'm interested to see what comes up.
  15. Goodwill_HiFi

    Goodwill_HiFi Super Member

    Never mind
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  16. icenine

    icenine Super Member

    As one who has a very under used Master's Degree in History, Poland and the other countries of the old Warsaw Pact (i.e. Eastern Bloc) were never members of the Soviet Union but rather under the economic and political dominance of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from about 1945-1990. By such logic Eastern Germany would have been considered a part of the Soviet Union. Under its influence and perhaps a client of the USSR yes but never officially a Soviet Republic by a long shot. The USSR consisted of various "Soviet Republics " within certain geographic areas of the Russian part of the European Continent and Asia (all of the Islamic republics such as Tashkent, the various "Stans", and other Slavic European regions like Ukraine and Georgia, etc.). Do not confuse that entity with the Warsaw Pact.
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  17. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    If you search for "Soviet Union" on Wikipedia, you get the USSR page - which lists these countries as the constituent parts:
    Armenian SSR
    Azerbaijan SSR
    Byelorussian SSR
    Estonian SSR
    Georgian SSR
    Kazakh SSR
    Kirghiz SSR
    Latvian SSR
    Lithuanian SSR
    Moldavian SSR
    Russian SFSR
    Tajik SSR
    Turkmen SSR
    Ukrainian SSR
    Uzbek SSR

    Wikipedia also has this to say about Poland's government in the Soviet era: "...emerging several years later as the socialist People's Republic of Poland within the Eastern Bloc, under strong Soviet influence"

    Back to the discussion of Soviet Hi-Fi gear...

    One last aside: icenine, I love the Mr. Mind avatar. :thmbsp:
  18. icenine

    icenine Super Member

    Thanks Sam.......I miss Captain Marvel....I think someone else has a Dr Sylvania avatar if I am not mistaken:D
  19. Goodwill_HiFi

    Goodwill_HiFi Super Member

    Yeah, I was thinking Soviet Block rather than Soviet Union.
  20. dumptruck

    dumptruck AK Subscriber Subscriber

    WOW. I think I'm in love.

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