Speaker suggestions for Marantz 2230 - New or Vintage

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by esimonson718, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Hi guys, looking for some quick advice on a set of speakers. I currently have a small pair of Sound Dynamics RTS-3 s that are decent for their size but looking for something a bit beefier for my 2230. Don't need extreme amounts of bass. I may consider running a small subwoofer. Just want something that pairs nicely and has some good low end. Mostly listening to vinyl through the 2230 although I may invest in a decent outboard phono pre.

    On the buying new end I'm looking at the JBL L830 and Cambridge Model 6 (heard these are similar to smaller advents)

    On the vintage side, thinking Smaller Advents, Dynaco A-25, JBL L100, AR 4xs.

    I've looked a bit on ebay at "refurbished" L100s and AR 4xs. They all look pretty dirty as far as the woofers and tweeters go. I'm sure they sound good but their appearance is a little off-putting.

    Any suggestions would be awesome. The new JBL L830s are around $380 so I guess that's what I'm looking at as a budget. I don't really have much space for floor-standing so I'd prefer some larger bookshelves, probably 8" woofers.

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    Just try adding a powered subwoofer with the RTS-3's. The 2230 is a easy hook up with the jumper on the back. I connected more then a few speakers up to a 2230 and got to say they all sounded good.

    I was just testing out four pairs of speakers and let my wife get involved. One pair was going on the TV set up. The four were, Altec Lansing Model One, EPI M-100's, Infinity RS-10's and Polk RT-7. I liked the EPI's myself but she liked the Polk's better. The Polk's do sound really great and she is probably right.

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    There is a similar thread regarding A Marantz 2215. You may look at some of those remarks as they certainly apply. Here is my response to that thread:

    "Regarding speaker suggestion, here is another vote for JBL's. They are very efficient, meaning they don't require much wattage.
    I've used something as small as a 2226 with JBL L-26, 4410's & L-100. They all sounded great. I still use a 2270 with the L-100's. Back in the 70's, many a system were built around that Marantz/JBL combo, with good reason. They sound great together.
    Speakers like Advent, Ohm, Dynaco, are much less efficient. I wouldn't consider those without at least 75 watts per channel. Good luck."

    Last year, I picked up a beautiful Marantz 2245 locally for my son who lives out of state. This is the same product line as your 2230.
    Before boxing it up for shipment, I fired it up with my JBL 4311's. (Essentially the same as L-100's).
    It sounded beautiful. I say look for old Lansing's.
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    epi 100
  5. Oerets

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    All I can say for sure, is when I sell a pair of speakers a 2230 is used for the source. Everything sounds good!


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