Speakers & Receiver - Dahlquist DQ8's & JVC - $200

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by bobrown14, Jun 21, 2007.

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    I'm being offered a deal on the DQ8s for $150. Not much info on the net regarding these, so is that a good deal?? They are bi-ampable!


    Bob Brown
  2. bobrown14

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    Dalquist DQ-8s

    Hi folks - Just got the DQ-8s off a craigslist find. Fired them up and the sound pretty decent. I have them currently hooked up to my Sansui 770 single wired config and they sound better than the ESS speakers I swapped out. They look pretty sweet too and were from the original owner in the original boxes in minty condition. I paid $150 for the pair. Not to shabby so far. Getting ready to hook them up to my AU-999 and would love to bi-amp them. They've got two sets of posts on each so they can be bi-wired as well. Anyone have any thoughts on bi-wire setup as apposed to bi--amp. To bi-amp I need a crossover and a preamp to take full advantage of that but I can bi-wire no problem. Any ideas on bi-wire vs bi-amp?


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