Stereo Intermittent Static/Crackling issues...USB DAC??

Discussion in 'DACs' started by Adventist25, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Adventist25

    Adventist25 New Member

    Hi guys,

    So I have had this lingering problem that doesn't happen very often but when it does its super annoying!

    Here is my "system"..

    1.) ibm t60 laptop with Windows 7 32-bit. Using Itunes 10 for music playback
    2.) "Hot Audio" USB WoW DAC
    3.) Sony STR-7055
    4.) KLH model 6

    So i would say about 95% of the time everything plays smoothly from my computer and I'm happy. What happens occassionally, however, is that I lose the left channel and beautiful music gets replaced with static/crackling sounds from that speaker. I used to think it was my receiver (was using a yamaha) but I have since replaced it with a known working Sony that sounds excellent. I've read of others having these kind of issues with USB DAC's so that's why I believe its the Dac. While this only happens occasionally, i would like a completely working set up without worrying about this happening at all..

    Any ideas, please?
  2. Adventist25

    Adventist25 New Member

    Last night I did some more reading on the issue and set the process priority for Itunes in Windows as "High".

    Maybe that will help..
  3. Adventist25

    Adventist25 New Member

    Nope problem is still there =/
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  4. Battlehork

    Battlehork Active Member

    I had a similar issue once, although it was happening on both channels. Try turning the master volume down in Windows to about 50% and use more gain on the amp side.
  5. Adventist25

    Adventist25 New Member

    Hmm thanks for that suggestion Battlehork, I will try that out today!
  6. Adventist25

    Adventist25 New Member

    Wow.. well just to update I changed the master control volume in windows to 50% and i haven't heard any static since!

    Thanks so much for that simple suggestion battle.. I think that solved it! :music:

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