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Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by Tube Radio, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    Here's the stereo system I've been piecing back together over the last year.

    Been using it as is for a few months while searching for the right table to hold it all.

    Had wanted some TV trays for the speakers so I got two a few days ago.

    Was thinking and decided to get TV trays for the rest of the stuff.

    Got two today and may get the rest later this week or next week.

    Here's some pictures.





    Equipment list

    1. Bucket sub.
    2. KLH 22A speakers with added Foster tweeter in Auvio cabinets.
    3. BASH 500 watt plate amp.
    4. Lafayette LA-375 with external power transformer and modded for direct input to amp section.
    5. Custom built 70 Hz two way 24 dB/octave active crossover.
    6. Sansui SR-2050C record player
    7. RCA 45 Record changer modded for stereo magnetic cartridge and VCR video head motor drive.
    8. McIntosh C-24 preamp.
    9. AKAI Terecorder 1/2 track mono.
    10. AKAI GX-255.
    11. AKAI EIE PRO sound card.
    12. Part 15 AM transmitter so I can send audio to my antique radios and communications receivers.

    Not yet added

    1. JVC 1250RUN2 8 track.
    2. DBX 200 Program route selector which is needed for the three tape decks and sound card.

    Soon to upgrade the BASH with this

    Given it has a built in two way crossover I will turn the crossover box into a buffer

    1. For the record out of the McIntosh.
    2. For the output of the McIntosh preamp.

    Given both have higher output impedances and what they will feed have lower input impedances.

    Another benefit of that plate amp is I don't have to set the speaker switch on the Lafayette to remote before turning the system off to keep the crossover from making a noise as its power supply reduces in voltage.

    The speakers have a switch on the back to where I can turn the added tweeters off and have the speakers sound as they originally did. It opens the positive connection to the added tweeters and switches the positive connection of the original tweeter from the added choke to its crossover cap. Didn't feel like using the switch to just short the choke.

    The backstory on the KLH-22A speakers is that a tree hit the trailer last January and one cabinet was smashed. Found the tweeter in good shape and found the woofer later in ok shape aside from the frame being slightly bent, but not bent enough to affect its operation.

    Had the two Auvio cabinets just laying around from a project I had wanted to do, but never got around to. Fit the drivers perfectly. Used them a few months without the added tweeters then two weeks ago I saw one Foster tweeter I had and decided to try it with one speaker. Sounded good enough so I modded both speakers with the tweeters.

    Speakers still retain their original sound only the upper treble above 13KHz sounds much better.

    One benefit of the TV trays is that if I decide to rearrange the room or I move to another place the TV trays move much easier than a table.
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  2. Rome

    Rome Holsum Honey Buns Subscriber

    Dallas, Texas
    Nice pieces!

  3. Audio Fan

    Audio Fan First Class, Second Hand Subscriber

    A lot of fun stuff there. Finding good audio furniture for older gear is a bit of a challenge.
  4. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member


    The external power transformer for the Lafayette is there because I found with the original power transformer at full output into an 8 ohm load at 20Hz the B+ sagged a few volts.

    Upping the value of the main filter cap helped some, but not enough.

    The external power transformer is maybe a volt or two higher, but B+ stays steady at full 8 ohm output at 20Hz. The original power transformer was left connected so that it could operate the pilot light. I used banana jacks to connect the power transformer and it is mounted in the case from an external filter accessory for an EICO battery eliminator/power supply since it was too big to be mounted where the original power transformer is mounted.

    The other mod which was a direct input to the amp section involved one 68K resistor to ground per channel and one 150K resistor in series per channel. The signal gets fed to the 150K resistors. That reduces its level since the amp has a higher gain. Also served to bypass the volume and tone controls so that there's less in the signal path and so I didn't have any controls on the amp to set.

    Other mod was to use a couple 1/4" jacks for the main speaker outputs.
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  5. Nightwisher

    Nightwisher Farer In The Goldilocks Zone Subscriber

    South Carolina
  6. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

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  7. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member


    It's an RCA K-80 console.

    Not pictured is a Collins R-390 to the left of the RCA on a speaker box with a 12" field coil speaker in it driven by a push pull 45 amp.
  8. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

  9. Catmanboo

    Catmanboo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Atwater, ohio
    You got an r-390?:bowdown: haven't seen one of those since late '70's, Karamursel c.d.i. turkey, in the microwave facility on base while stationed there. Back in the day... :rolleyes:
  10. Grenadeslio

    Grenadeslio Super Member

    I like those old Lafayette amps.
  11. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    I think the Lafayette amps are real sleepers as many don't really think much of them.

    Love the R-390 but it's no band cruiser.


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  12. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    As I recall I would up paying nearly $900 including shipping.
  13. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    I've just about got the system how I want it.

    Whole system


    Record players.


    JVC T-X200 AM/FM tuner
    DBX 200 program route selector
    JVC 1250 8track player/recorder
    McIntosh C-24 preamp


    AKAI GX-255 reel to reel


    Part 15 6GY6 two tube AM transmitter


    The program route selector is nice as at the push of a button or turning a couple knobs I can send any source to any other source or the preamp.

    Also will allow me to insert up to three processors if so desired and have them before or after the tape switches.

    Also if I desired I can connect a Dolby noise reduction unit as well.

    Currently I have the laptop connected to the first processor connections.

    The transmitter is connected to the second processor outputs.

    The eventual plan is to add another computer to the processor 1 inputs which will be just for audio processing only using a program called Stereo Tools. The laptop will then move to the third tape connections.

    I built a Windows 10 PC for the church using an older all in one type PC which I found on Ebay for $79 and when the church upgrades the sound systems soon I may get that computer.

    I will compare it to the Dell laptop and see which one is better and the worse of the two will be used for the audio processing while the better one will be used for the day to day computer stuff.

    Then again that depends on if the PC can stream audio and process it without any problems.

    If it can then it may be the processor PC as that may simplify things.
  14. mark warren

    mark warren Music Lover!

    southern USA
    Im Diggin It Brochacho! I love your C26 pre and very Cool lafayette Amp I bet that bad bitch sounds good! :thumbsup:
  15. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member


    It does indeed sound good.

    I'm not too fond of the four pieces stacked on top of each other as it doesn't look good, but that's the only place I had for the 8 track and it puts all the necessary controls within easy reach of my chair.

    I found a Panasonic TE96 audio programmer I forgot I had.

    Thinking about integrating it into my system so everything goes on and off at the press of a button.

    The outlets are rated at 5 amps each, but I don't trust the wiring or line cord to handle 10 amps.

    My thought is:

    1. Upgrade the line cord to a three prong grounded cord.
    2. Get an outlet box with an outlet installed.
    3. Use two contactors switched by the programmer to switch power to the two outlets.

    I did do one mod when I first got it which was to make the backlight go on and off with the outlets in the rear.

    While at Lowe's I tried to find a contactor or something similar and while I did I saw a Prime outlet strip

    Continued looking and when I didn't find what I was looking for I bought two of those power strips.
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  16. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    I had originally wanted to use a remote volume control with the stereo system and tried to figure how to integrate it, but one day I decided to try reaching over to the preamp and I found that I could reach it just fine.

    Given I have the DBX 200 program route selector (totally awesome piece of equipment) I have an idea of getting another computer with better specs than my 2009 Dell Inspiron 1521 (running Windows 10 64 bit) and using the Dell strictly as an audio processor with Stereo Tools loaded on it.

    That way I can process the audio if necessary, but would mainly be used with my part 15 AM transmitter. I could also use it as an audio source as well when not using it to process audio.


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  17. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That's what I call a mancave. All of those delicious gadgets within arms reach. Have you thought about multi or ambience channels with small wall mounted speakers?
  18. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member


    I haven't tried multi or ambiance channels.

    Didn't really see the need.
  19. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Somehow I don't see your collection as based on need.
  20. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Cool stuff

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