Stromberg Carlson Console Stereo

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by McinBozak, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. McinBozak

    McinBozak Member

    :music: I just purchased a near mint SC console stereo. Hard to think it is only 12 watts. Truly amazing sound 10 speaker system. All eight coupling caps had to go as did the Bias resistors and a few Electrolytics. I actually bought a Seeburg Lp player and this was in the storage unit with it. Cosmetically it cabinet a solid 9 equipment is a perfect 10. The Glaser Steers record changer had a bad reject wheel and had to be sent out for redo uses the old pickering T needle magnetic awesome sound for a console. Not bad for 125.00

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  2. Horn Head

    Horn Head Super Member

    Nice Score!

    Looks like an ASR 433 Integrated amp and an Sr-445 Tuner.

    Got the same pair but haven't restored yet...but heard these are fantastic units.

    Time to perform the usual maintenance - caps and resistor swaps before powering-on. Oh...just read you swapped that stuff.

    Sound good?
  3. Horn Head

    Horn Head Super Member

    Did you replace the electrolytics in the power supply?
  4. McinBozak

    McinBozak Member

    Absolutely Awesome. I am listening to it now. I was so taken by it's appearance. The amp had had a little work along the way but it had bad filter caps you know the 60 cycle roar. It was a definite roar. I am thinking about a nice set of those repro Genelex 6BQ5's for it. I have a set of those I have been using in a Rock-ola jukebox and am very happy with them also bought a set of the Genelex Gold Lion KT-88's for the Mc-275's a couple of years ago and they really are great and a far cry cheaper than NOS Gold Lions. You should get started on your S-C. Good Luck
  5. McinBozak

    McinBozak Member

    Yes The pic was of the amp was taken before any work was done I need to upload the after pic.
  6. Horn Head

    Horn Head Super Member

    Yep, this is one of two consoles I kept intact...the other is a '60 Maggie Concert Grand.

    I plugged theSC in for a few seconds and got a low, loud hum.....shut her down right away. Did a household move and will get to the restore later. The cabinet is absolutely awesome.

    Glad your's sounds good. But, Keep in mind a cap job since these things are old.

    May be a few months before I get to bring mine back into operable condition.

    Again.....nice score. Can't wait to hear what this sounds like.
  7. Raul

    Raul Active Member

    I have a SC 433 (the same amp) and I definitely love its sound, to me it's one of the best integrated amps of the era.

    HornHead - I would love to find a nice concert grand, but no look so far... :-(
  8. stereorob

    stereorob Banned

    scored one like this awile back, mine had the ars-333 amp, sounded great!
  9. gadget73

    gadget73 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Very nice. Thats certainly one worth keeping intact.
  10. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    Cool setup. Does it have a separate speaker for the other channel? S-C made some great-looking consoles. For my money, their furniture was among the best available.
  11. Patrice B

    Patrice B AK Subscriber Subscriber

    You'll be surprised by the clear and strong sound of the tuner...

    Not true stereophonic BTW, much FM-AM stereo that predates the multiplex era.

    I absolutely love the sound of this tuner (and the so 60ish look too).

    Ditto for the ASR-333 I've got, 6BQ5 with a lot of muscle.

  12. Horn Head

    Horn Head Super Member

    Raul, You're first on the list to contact if I ever decide to ditch mine.
  13. jaymanaa

    jaymanaa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    What seems amazing to me is how good the 433 sounds with those pitiful looking OPTs. I bought another set of them just to play with and see if I could figure out the magic in'em.
  14. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    That tuner should have an MPX out jack for connecting an external multiplex decoder. Stromberg-Carlson made one, but Tom Bavis has the only one I've seen. There wasn't a lot of overlap between the approval of the FM-MPX standard in April 1961 and S-C's exit from the Hi-Fi market.
  15. McinBozak

    McinBozak Member

    Yes it has the satellite speaker cabinet. I dont think I will ever locate the MPX box. I simply have a 1 male to two female plugs for twin mono or dynaural or whatever the correct term is. I recently sold a 59 Concert Grand Maggie. It was the Blond one. Didn't do to bad. The only thing that bothered me was he was going to gut her and use the amps in a Barzilay. But they are obviously picky on here so I didnt wanna ruffle any feathers. Ebay must have a iron in the fire here. Since they are part owners of CL they make CL harder to use IE city by city searches which wears one out quickly.
  16. wa2ise

    wa2ise AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Most any tube MPX decoder should work. Most every tuner that had a MPX output had the level about that of regular line out audio (it's essentially the detected audio straight from the FM demod circuit before the deemphasis circuit), and the stereo input jacks on the system expect line level audio.
  17. gadget73

    gadget73 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    yeah, any MPX decoder ought to do it. I've heard from several people about using solid state MPX circuits plugged into the MPX output jack.
  18. McinBozak

    McinBozak Member

    This unit sold in April 1959

    Another forum someone was saying that SC only built stereo in 1960-62. April of 1959 was the sale date. I would naturally assume it would have a build date no later than March of 1959 which would be entirely too early for a 1960 Model or at least one would think. I also found out that Glaser Steers was the supplier for SC consoles post RC-88 days. And when SC finally threw in the towel that Glaser Steers shut there doors and were bought out by GE.
  19. spaceman

    spaceman Registered Lunatic

    Pretty interesting. :yes: I have an S-C Penthouse console, which was stereo, but from what I hear here, the tuner was nothing like yours, build quality-wise. But I love the console itself (the wood, I mean), & it had an ASR-120 amp, which I really like. My regular listening amp though, is the SE 7408 ASR-110. I run a pair of GE 6V6 GTAs in it, & it's plenty of power for me. Enjoy. :music:

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