Studer in imminent and real danger !

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by axel, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. axel

    axel Super Member

    Paris, France


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  2. SaSi

    SaSi Seriously Illogical Subscriber

    Athens, Greece
    The demis of Studer Audio would be a real loss. But depending on how things turn out, it might turn up that the brand is named back to Revox and goes to Swiss hands. That might be a happy ending for the stirring.

    This situation reminds me of Honda's decision to scrap the F1 team in the beginning of the year.
  3. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Resident Wharfedaliophool

    The company should be in Switzerland. I never understood why corporations buy a company that got it's name through extremely-quality-conscious manufacturing practices, only to move the manufacturing to the Far East and change the company's manufacturing standards to that of a more-cost-cutting manner. I mean, what are they going to do, start building Studer equipment in Vietnam? That makes a lot of sense. And what's Harman-Kardan gonna' do when something like this comes up again? Sell off ANOTHER profitable division of the corporation in order to save a floundering one? It boggles the mind how some of these "executives" manage to hold on to their jobs. But hey - What do I know?
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  4. Jon_Logan

    Jon_Logan Addicted Member

    Left Coast
    yeah, I felt the same way when Levinson (Madrigal), BsS, Crown, etc. etc, etc. got "Harmanized"
  5. ke4mcl

    ke4mcl Super Member

    miami fl
    i get criticized for my mind set at times but this thread is a good example of why im set in not buying any audio gear that has a classic american brand name and says made in china on the back. jbl, altec, carver, etc. if its not made in USA, its just a name with nothing behind it.

    same goes with euro brands. blaupunkt, telefunken, and grunding for example. if its not made in germany, its not the real deal.

    if enough people cared about this kind of stuff, we wouldn't see soo much outsourced to china.
  6. guiller

    guiller Toscaninichus Australis

    Buenos Aires (Argentina)


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  7. kneeOhFight

    kneeOhFight Addicted Member

    SW Colorado
    ugh...though this seems to be more and more an an inevitable occurrence, this one cuts me pretty deep.....the first time I set foot in a world class recording studio in NYC, it was as wondrous as a spaceship to me....nothing stirred me more than the Willi Studer 24 track tape machines, 2" wide tape blistering by at 30 ips...stop and start on way less than a of the finest, highest design and build machines I've ever Harman is set to swallow and denigrate their name....fuck 'em..there will always be magic in the Studer name in my mind..
  8. hypertone

    hypertone Keepin' it Analog

    Vancouver Island
    Maybe one day you'll be able to buy a Studer DVD player at Wal-Mart. They'll be on the shelf next to the Dual car audio amplifiers, right above the KLH surround speakers. You can find the Kleenex in isle 9.:tears:
  9. Number 6

    Number 6 Active Member

    Everywhere and nowhere.
    Don't buy Harmon Kardon products!

    Don't buy Harmon Kardon products!
  10. x_25

    x_25 Big Vandies!! Mwahahah...

    Northern NJ
    Make that "New Harmon Kardon products". The older stuff is quite good.
  11. OvenMaster

    OvenMaster RIP Mommy 1935-2018 Subscriber

    Area Code 413
    You answered your own question: cutting costs. That translates to higher corporate profits and bigger stockholder dividends. Tradition and legacy and reputation mean jack $hit today. It's all about the next quarterly report.



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  12. SkyLounger

    SkyLounger Super Member

    Montreal, Canada

    Another by-product of the ME-ME-ME/ I want it all now/ have-to-get-rich-quick-without-working-for-it mentality...

    Sad, really!
  13. blackfly

    blackfly Fidelius Claritus

    This is EXACTLY why I buy vintage. I want Japanese, Canadian or American logos on my gear, and the gear to actually have been MADE there. Quality matters and it shows... I can tell.

    But in the Walmart world we live in the bottom line is the bottom line for bottom feeders......
  14. Isotonic

    Isotonic A Delicious Avocado Subscriber

    Round Rock, Texas
    Unregulated capitalism.
  15. steerpike2

    steerpike2 Super Member

    Transvaal, South Africa
    That would be an ideal situation. ReVox was 'lost' for a time too until the right kind of people bought it back, and I think they have still not recovered the prestige they used to have, although they do make some nice servers.

    So many companies like Studer died - even if the name survived - when the original founder member retired, like Fisher, Grundig, Marantz, Mullard ... the list is long.
  16. dkelley

    dkelley Well-Known Member

    imNOTSOho, Harmon International is the single largest cause of the destruction of some of the most important hifi and high end audio companies in the world, past and present.

    They killed most of the manufacturers who's gear I idolize.

    I'm certain that some of the situations were as simple as "the company wouldn't have survived at all if not having been purchased by harmon", but in a situation where the company is ALREADY owned by harmon, to have it End Of Lifed is very very sad.

    I find it very unlikely that Harmon International isn't making more than enough money to keep afloat a few of the exotic brands which might only just break even at best.

    Sad news, very sad.


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  17. dkelley

    dkelley Well-Known Member

    harmon kardon doesn't represent harmon international, although obviously the namesake is there and HI owns HK. HK has made great products and even now I expect they probably make a receiver or two that are very good. But it's the fact that you can't TRUST any brand owned by harmon international to have any predefined minimum quality level, THAT'S what bugs me.

    They remove the name<->quality factor from what may have previously been a company who's minimum product you KNEW would still be very very good and who's better products simply raised the bar (such as infinity loudspeakers or the Harmon Kardon line itself).

    as always, imho ymmv yadda yadda

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