Subscriber membership. What is it and how do you become one

Discussion in 'AK News' started by Grumpy, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. tentoze

    tentoze Twangophile

    Well, it was originally Flynn, but nemmine about that.
  2. SPL db

    SPL db It's all about the music! Subscriber

    Ahhhh... now it makes sense! :scratch2:

  3. nielsvanm2

    nielsvanm2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    :thmbsp: for AK. Excellent investment:banana:
  4. Mark W.

    Mark W. Nut house of the Universe

    Crap so many Aker's are signing up we've crashed the Paypal site and I CAN"T GET IN!!!!!!!!

    Well I'll just stay up until I can.
  5. dgwojo

    dgwojo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'm in, FWIW, your PayPal has to have a credit card attached to it or the transaction won't go through, I had to use my alternate ePay PayPal, Dave. :scratch2:
  6. Grumpy

    Grumpy Krusty old SOB! Yes, I own Audiokarma Staff Member Admin Sponsor Subscriber

    I know last night Paypal was down for maintenance. Maybe that was the problem.

  7. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    It's in the mail, screw paypal.
  8. Holst

    Holst Addicted Member

    They kept rejecting my password, it did go through on the fifth try.
  9. Steve-H

    Steve-H Burnin down the house

    Rawks yer fice !
  10. Stoffie

    Stoffie Sony afficionado

    I'm chippin' in as well. This place has been a daily home every since I stumbled onto it, thanks to Axel from TVK who had it in his links part of his website.

  11. ozmoid

    ozmoid Lunatic Member

    Shouldn't that be "For a Good Time Call..." ?:scratch2:

    The Subscriber service is great, Thanks Grumpy, Wards, Luvvin' and all for making it happen!! :thmbsp:
  12. pmsummer

    pmsummer simul justus et peccator

    So when do we get longer signatures? I have so much to say.
  13. redcoates7

    redcoates7 redcoates7 Subscriber

    I'm on board Cap'n
  14. Fisherdude

    Fisherdude Regular Dude - Super Mod Super Mod Subscriber

    C'mon, everybody!! It's only $25!

    You probably spend that much every time you wander past the magazine racks in Barnes & Noble!
  15. Twenty20Man

    Twenty20Man Is that you Michael?

    im in on payday....great place
  16. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

    I'm using the new "Invisible Mode" right now.

    Seems to work, but it's a little hard to type when you can't see your fingers. :D

    Cheers, Snade
  17. jpdylon

    jpdylon non-active member...

    I'm in. I blow way more bandwidth here than $25 a year. What a sweet deal!
  18. Duffinator

    Duffinator Spin The Black Circle

    Best bargain on the internet. :thmbsp:
  19. SpeakerLabFan

    SpeakerLabFan < speakerlab 7's Subscriber

    Subscribed! This place is a big source of information and inspiration for me, well worth the subscription price. :music::thmbsp:
  20. john_w

    john_w Miscreant

    A "no brainer" indeed. I will shoot you a paypal as soon as I get home and away from the company "Internet Nazis".

    ( Did I post that out loud? :para: )

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