Substitute for 6N1? 6922 mebbe?

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by bOUddha, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. bOUddha

    bOUddha Shouty and lovin' it!

    Will that work or not. My tube-subs book doesn't list 6N1 at all, so I'm at a loss here.
  2. Bob E.

    Bob E. Well-Known Member

    What is a 6N1? Are you sure about that number? Or is this one of those screwy Russian numbers?

  3. bOUddha

    bOUddha Shouty and lovin' it!

    6N1P-EB is the only one I've found so far, and he says it's a direct replacement for E88CC or 6922.

    I guess we'll find out, huh?:thmbsp:
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  4. sleddogman

    sleddogman Super Member

    I believe the heater voltage is higher on the Russian 6N1P (or 6N1Pi as they're called because the Russian letter for P looks like the Greek symbol for Pi and a Russian N looks like an H) than the 6DJ8/6922/7308 versions. Be sure your circuit can handle it.
  5. bOUddha

    bOUddha Shouty and lovin' it!


    The swap will amount to taking the 6N1Ps out of a Yaoin integrated and replacing them with the 6922s. What I'll have then is high heater current with the lower current tubes. To my limited experience and knowledge, the 6922s are the items under the strain, not the amp...yes?
  6. PakProtector

    PakProtector AK member

    The 6N1P takes more current than a 6DJ8/6922. Voltage is the same at 6.3V. If your circuit is able to run the 6N1 it will probably provide a slightly higher voltage to the 6922's. Nothing I'd worry about much, unless the 6N1's started out high in the first place. 6.1-6.5 volts is what I'd be comfortable with.
  7. bOUddha

    bOUddha Shouty and lovin' it!

    Thanks, pak. I got a supply of both, with the higher quality going toward the 6922s. If the Russians prove any better than the oems, I'll save the 6922s for the pre-amp. If there's a problem, then I'll risk a somewhat shorter lifespan with the 6922 on the higher current, mmmkay?:thmbsp:
  8. dinga

    dinga New Member

    I replaced two of 6N1s from Yaqin MC-10L with RCA 6922s about 6 months ago. It still works. The sound is more refined.
  9. socioloco

    socioloco Freakapottamus


    I've got a flea amp called Itube that uses a pair of those rare 6N1. I'll get some 6922 to try...

    Should I check things like voltage before installing those???

    Do you think that there it's some risk to blow them (or the house) away?


  10. cableguy

    cableguy In Twang We Trust Subscriber

  11. dinga

    dinga New Member

    I also tried Russian made 6N1P. On my Yaqin MC10L it produced a little bit more gain and brighter sound with two 6N1Ps. But when I used all four of 6N1Ps, there was a little bit more hum on my speakers and some noise on the tubes.
    I used a pair of 6N1Ps for a while. Then, one of my tube friends told me that 6922 (or E8cc) has pretty much the same signal level as with 6N1 or 6N1P. I tried 2 RCA 6922s and it produced better sound than 6N1Ps. I was told that Phillips 6922 would also work good. I've had a pair RCA 6922s on my Yaqin for over 6 months and there had been no problem.
  12. Frihed89

    Frihed89 New Member

    The Russian 6n23P is a direct substitute for the 6922 and vice-versa, It is the parent tube of the EH 6922. Having said that, the EH6922 and the 6n23P bias quite a bit differently than many other 6922s.
  13. bOUddha

    bOUddha Shouty and lovin' it!



    I've got four RCA 7313s in the back row, and the Russians up front...had them there since starting this thread. I put the RCAs in about three months ago, and I'm not interested in changing any of these tubes!:D I read that other thread and concur completely with your findings...

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