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Tandberg 62X out of phase stereo?

Discussion in 'Tape' started by patientdog, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. patientdog

    patientdog New Member

    As a collector of Tandberg tape recorders - I have over 20 - I have been stumped by a recent repair I did.

    I replaced the grid capacitors, namely the .022uF and .047uF capacitors on the playback and record boards only (since they are valve based) because the original Rifas tend to leak. I didn't do anything else. The unit works fine... both L and R record perfectly but when played together in stereo the sound is out of phase. Reverse a speaker wire and it sounds fine.

    The are no obvious errors - none of the head or input wires have been mixed up. It looks as though one of the capacitors is doing it but I've never heard of such a thing. Could it be the cross field bias? A faulty valve - although they were replaced with new?

    The fault is on the record board - playback of prerecords is fine.

    Any ideas you fine people?


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  2. SaSi

    SaSi Seriously Illogical Subscriber

    Athens, Greece
    Wow, 20 Tandbergs and JUST joined AK. I wonder what is going to happen to you now. (lol)

    Regarding your deck, since you checked cables, I am also stumped on what might be causing this, however should leave it to the valve to think about it.
  3. charlie03m

    charlie03m New Member

    Tandberg 62X reverse phase

    The fault is on the record board - playback of prerecords is fine.

    Any ideas you fine people?[/QUOTE]

    I was not previously in AudioKarma, but I saw your post
    in a search for Tandberg 62X, (I have one and it needs restoration).
    I didn't see that your problem had been resolved. Was it?
    Thanks in advance,
    Charlie Falke

    P.S. Which other Tandbergs have you got?

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