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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by soloz2, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. soloz2

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    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any information on this table. My parents have one and the belt is worn out. I'd really like to get it from my parents but they are resisting me... not sure why as it hasn't worked for several years. if anyone has any information or knows where I can get a belt that would be great
  2. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    If you do a search on google for Technics SL-220 belt, you'll find lots of places. Some sources off the top of my head might be,,
  3. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It should be the standard 23.3 inch Japanese belt, readily available from a host of on-line suppliers such as Garage-a-Records.

    The SL-220 was the absolute BOTL Technics of its time. That's not saying it is junk, but something to be borne in mind.

    The most common problem besides the belts themselves is wandering speed control. The good news is that the problem is usually (maybe always!) dirty speed control (pitch control) pots and easily "repaired" with some contact cleaner. I had this problem with an SL-B2.

    photo "Borrowed" from Oak Tree Ent. Unfortunately, is down at the moment.
  4. turboyam

    turboyam The Kenwood fan!

    I had one of those (sl220). Changed it for a Kenwood kd2055:thmbsp: .
    The Technics is so light that it dances around wen playing bass or drum loud.
    Leave it ...
  5. le_vainqueur

    le_vainqueur New Member

    I have this turntable, and I'm pretty sure that's the way to describe the problem I'm having. I picked it up at a garage sale for $5, so I'm not complaining. Anyway, I don't know much about turntables do I go about cleaning this?
  6. arrow 68

    arrow 68 Banned

    I doubt the unit is worth the price of the belt. This is the BPC kind of stuff I was talking about last night. You can find a modest Direct Drive unit for the price of the belt if you keep your eyes open. Sorry about being so callous, but it is, what it is. Check your local Thrifts, Craigslist, Churches, and some Friends who may have Parents that want to get rid of one. Hell you might get a really nice one for free.
    Hey hakaplan, I got that stylus off of the TR485U Cartridge. I will have to get a new one for it.
  7. Bone Yard

    Bone Yard Active Member

  8. Rock6x

    Rock6x 2stupid2PostHere

    I bought one of these in great condition, with a brand new Audio Technica Cartridge installed on it. So far, it has worked just fine for me. But I previously had a Technics SLBD-22 turntable, so nothing real high-end to compare it to.

    Paid $40, and I'm ok w/that. My other table had crapped out on me, and this one was close/easy off of CL. My vinyl is spinning again, so I'm happy. :)
  9. kermit z

    kermit z Loud Music saves Lives!! Subscriber

    Its not a bad table. With a nice cart it sounds nice :) Congrates
  10. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    Congratulations. Your turntables were probably comparable, just from opposite ends of the Technics timeline. I'm sure it will bring you much enjoyment. :music:
  11. bobbyrae

    bobbyrae The Audiophile Farmer

    Actually, the SL-210 was bottom of the line, but was almost the same as the sl-220. 210 is manual, 220 is semi-automatic. But these would be sold as entry level units at stores that only sold quality stuff.

    The speed control was a problem, but I have actually disassembled my speed controls a couple of times over the years to clean them and then they work for 5-10 years with no problem.
  12. Dr Tinear

    Dr Tinear AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It's entry-level by late 1970s standards, but definitely not BPC. The arm is similar in design to the one on the SL-1200, using the same geometry, armtube and headshell. The drive system specs out at 0.045% wow and flutter, about half that of the Pioneer belt drives of the day and less than a third of what a brand-new Music Hall turntable would give you today. Clean the speed adjust pots with DeOxit and fit a new 23.6" belt and you'll have a nice-sounding turntable.

    I have its cousin, the single-play automatic SL-230, and like the way it works and sounds. It works especially well with Grado cartridges. The FG servo DC motor doesn't induce hum and the arm's effective mass is a good match to the compliance of the Grado Prestige line. I wouldn't mind picking up another one as a future parts donor or to use in an extension system.
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  13. Joey1127

    Joey1127 Well-Known Member


    Yeah, I'm going to be different here. The SL-220 was just the semi-automatic Belt Drive offering similar to the SL-2200 which was it's Direct Drive sibling at that time period.

    Yes, the 220 may seem cheep, however, it's made of TNRC which is Technics non-resonant compond and while it may not feel real heavy, I asure you that when set up with a good AT cart (AT440MLa or AT120E/t come to mind) it will be a wonderfull machine. Technics was late to go BELT DRIVE as they were all about Direct Drive so while not as good a machine as the DD, it's still a great table.

    Clean the speed pots with some deoxit and it will hold rock solid speed for you! Obviously, don't place it near or on other componenets or speakers and you should be fine. I've had an SL-220 for several years now and rather like it with an AT13E2.

    NOTE: You want a PRB belt for that machine from my experience. Vintage Elecronics has the PRB's for a good price.
  14. steelgtr

    steelgtr Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys

    Just picked one up for free. It has an "acutex" cartdridge for what ever that's worth? Not much, I assume. The cords are all cut so I would need power and signal cables and a belt. Worth pursuing?


  15. kermit z

    kermit z Loud Music saves Lives!! Subscriber

    I am of the belief that most of the tables from that era are worth getting up to snuff. Plus, it helps learn how to work on gear down the road if something nice comes along
  16. steelgtr

    steelgtr Well-Known Member


    So what's the deal with the Acutex? No other markings. Cartridge color is dark green and stylus is white.


  17. steelgtr

    steelgtr Well-Known Member

    Anyone know where I could get a power cable and the line/ground cables?


  18. tcss

    tcss New Member

    If you google acutex phono cartridges, under images, two charts should show. One is the mid 70's style, and the other early 80's shape.

    I have both and am using an 80's style with a original stylus that has probably only 800 albums played on it. Between a couple of Shure's with original and Jico stylus, I like the Acutex the best.
  19. steelgtr

    steelgtr Well-Known Member


    Found out it's an M206 II model, kinda the bottom line right?

  20. tcss

    tcss New Member

    I assume that is a conical stylus, some people use them. I would be more concerned about a worn stylus damaging the records.

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