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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Dennman6, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Dennman6

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    I picked up this Technics SL-235 belt drive unit at one of the local Goodwills, $15.99+tax. According to the strobe on the deck, as well as an Esoteric Sound strobe disc I've had for years, it holds true speed pretty well. From what I've gathered on the Technics site this turntable was in production 1978-1980. Any way to tell for sure just what year this one was from? If there is a date code I should look for, I'd appreciate some tips from more knowledgable minds than mine. It will need a new belt, the one on it was slipping until the platter gained momentum. Any thoughts on this deck as far as where it stands in the Technics line for those years? It seems pretty hefty, especially compared to the new units out today. Even the dust cover is pretty nice on this one.

    The Empire cart had no needle. I don't know anything about their quality, so if it's not wise to seek out a stylus for it I'd welcome cartridge suggestions. The tracking force & anti-skating was set for 2.5 grams, if that helps any. And of course I'll need to get a spindle for it. Looking forward to getting this one running.

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  2. Ilikevinyl

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    Here is a nice vintage Technics website. It's says your SL-235 was manufactured in 78-79.

    The SL-235 is a turntable/changer which can stack 6 records with the tall stacking spindles for 33rpm & 45rpm. Good luck finding them, very rare. I think you can use a Dual single spindle. I have a Technics SL-1650 turntable/changer and the single spindle looks just like the Dual.

    Never heard of a Empire 2200 E/III. I do know they made a 2000 E/III, E/II,
    E/I. The E/III would be the better stylus.

    My cartridge recommendations:

    Shure M97xE upgrade to JICO SAS stylus

    Audio Technica AT-120E or AT-440MLa
    Denon DL-110
    Nagaoka MP-11
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  3. Dennman6

    Dennman6 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thanks for a quick reply, "Ilikevinyl". This will help get me started. From what you say about the Empire it sounds like the 2200 E/III was similar to the 2000 E/III you mention-might've been a higher grade Empire cart in that case. The Shure seems like a super capable cart. I notice a lot of Karmers like this cart very much.
  4. Shackman55

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    Looks like a nice little score, one thing though. Were the spindles with it? I think that came with two, a short one for single play and the long changer one. I have a couple of the Empires and my take on it would be yes worth a stylus. I have enjoyed mine and the needle was on the cheap side. Several sources for them out there. Just be careful it looks like a piece of the stylus is stuck in the body of the cart.
    But the table does look well put together with just enough knobs and whistles to make it fun. Although I don't know that I would feel comfortable using it as a changer, I would just do the single play, I have a good friend that showed me the value of them. He is getting on in years, closing on 90, and he loves his vinyl, but getting up and down to flip and change albums is taking some of the joy out of it for him. I rounded him a Dual changer up for him and now the joy is back. The challange was finding a good table that had a changer option.
    A new belt a little lube and needle and you'll be spinning them up!
  5. cactuscowboy

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    Nice find. I've always been impressed with the build quality, speed accuracy, and performance of Technics belt drives. The servo controlled speed adjust is a nice touch, something that you'd pay dearly for (as an optional "upgrade") if you were to buy many of today's so-called audiophile turntables.

    I have several Empire cartridges and I like them. Worth investing in a new stylus IMO.
  6. Dennman6

    Dennman6 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Shackman, the Technics didn't have any spindles with it at all, which was a disappointment. So I will have to try & hunt up a single play spindle. I have a Dual 1211 included in a Sony HP-510A music system from 1973 that has both the single play & changer spindles-a neat option if you want the changer feature. I don't, on better turntables. I have a pair of Motorola portable phonographs(1958 & 1959 models) on which I will use the V-M changer for a period listening experience. But I'll use older Lps or second copies of albums in the collection for that. And this table does seem to have some meat on its bones, so I definitely will want to get it turning soon.
  7. Ilikevinyl

    Ilikevinyl Cool Breeze Subscriber

    I love to stack 7" 45rpm records on my Technics SL-1650! The only way to play 45's, love to watch them drop.:D
  8. beatcomber

    beatcomber AK Member Subscriber

    Any idea what headshell brand that is? I don't think it's a Technics part. I had the same headshell (plastic with metal plate) come with a Shure M91ED that I won on eBay a few months ago.
  9. dnpainting

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    PM Sent for possible spindle!
  10. Dennman6

    Dennman6 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thank you for checking on this. I'll IM you after work today, around4PM EST>
  11. kcdonahue

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    plastic headshell

    I'm pretty sure that is the original headshell that came with the TT. I have a few of those on the belt drive tables made between 78 to 81.


    TAGO MAGO Super Member

    I've got one of those, I think, unless it is the generation after that (I've had too many Technics tables over the years) that I need to get a belt for. I got mine at the Goodwill for $5.
  13. Ilikevinyl

    Ilikevinyl Cool Breeze Subscriber

    Bought a new Technics SL-B3 in 1980 that had a Plastic with metal headshell.
  14. davidk5

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    Nice find :thmbsp:

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