Technics SL-QD2 Turntable Question

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by tbird1, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. tbird1

    tbird1 New Member

    Okay, I just bought this from someone and am wondering, does the strobe and power light stay on all the time or should the Stop button power it down?
    They stay on when the TT is off.
  2. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

    In my Denon and Pioneer TT´s they are off when the unit is off.

    Not really sure about Technics, but I would guess they should be the same.

  3. Stanton681EEES

    Stanton681EEES Addicted Member

    Not a good thing with all the technics tables I've used or owned the lights go out.
  4. Blue Meanie

    Blue Meanie Scratch 'n' Sniff

    Isn't the POWER switch on the lower left front corner, and don't you have to slide this switch to the right to turn on the table? I think pressing the stop button during play merely raises the tonearm, returns it to the rest, and stops the platter from turning. I think you still need to slide the power switch to off to completely turn off the power. Although I could be wrong...
  5. tbird1

    tbird1 New Member

    When I get home I will check for that power switch in that location.

  6. Blue Meanie

    Blue Meanie Scratch 'n' Sniff

    As I said, I COULD be wrong. But ALL the Technics tables I've personally owned have a separate power switch, in addition to the stop button. Although I've only owned 5 different ones, out of the hundreds (?) of different models they made.:scratch2:

    Edit: Here's a link to a video on youtube. Looks like a power switch being turned on right at the beginning...
  7. budgetaudio6

    budgetaudio6 Addicted Member

    you are correct in this
  8. tbird1

    tbird1 New Member

    Okay everyone thanks for the input. Here it tis. It is the standby position (middle) on the speed slide. Left is 33, right is 45.
  9. asoundhound

    asoundhound Definitely Low-fi

    i've got an sl-d202

    it has a power button. the strobe light burns as long as the power is on, regardless of the platter or arm operation.
  10. Blue Meanie

    Blue Meanie Scratch 'n' Sniff

    So I WAS wrong. Sorry about that. I said it was a guess.:yes:

    Does setting the speed switch to neutral (standby) turn off the power? In the video I linked to, it appeared that the strobe was off when the switch was set to the middle.
  11. ke4jhj

    ke4jhj Well-Known Member

    I have a SL-QD3 which is the full automatic version of your SL-QD2. The strobe will stay on all the time regardless of platter operation until the speed selector switch is set to the off (middle) position. That will power down the electronics.
  12. tbird1

    tbird1 New Member

    Ditto, except it is labeled "standby" on the QD2. Misleading enough to change it to off on the QD3 I suppose.


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