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Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Defunctpunk, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Defunctpunk

    Defunctpunk New Member

    so they say vinyl is a hipster thing, but I’m 40 and can attest that there’s an openness and more personal experience with vinyl than CD, than MP3. When CDs came out, I was excited to get this new technology, and eventually they made CD players for your car. Wow. But now I find myself 40, divorced, and looking for nostalgia where times were innocent and pure. I had a technics player back then. I don’t remember the model but I remember it had pitch correction, it looked awesome and it sounded like you were at a concert. Any lyrics you didn’t quite understand on a CD where pretty clear on vinyl. It was almost as if the band was in the room with you. I want that again. I want to revisit that childhood interpretation of music. My questions are simple, is a vintage technics player still a viable option? Are they ridiculously priced or hard to find? I’ve heard of marantz but other than a cassette deck, never heard one spin vinyl. I recently went bankrupt so I’m looking for that experience but with a hefty coupon


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  2. Riddley

    Riddley New Member

    You are probably thinking of the venerable SL 1200 direct drive. Rock solid steel construction, super easy tonearm height adjustment ( = optimize Vertical Tracking Angle). This works hand in hand with the removable head shell, as you can have another cartridge (mono, or your big bucks reserved-for-pristine vinyl pickup) and swap it out in seconds. I believe they've started making these again, at a premium price. Many used units around, tons of parts, and folks who can restore them.

    There is a pitch control but these units have rock-solid quartz speed control (and I don't know why you'd want to play records too fast unless you're a DJ making room for more commercials.)

    You can spend as much as you want for a turntable but the SL1200 is a terrific unit - I got a rebuilt MK 2 last summer - no dust cover, a few minor blems on the chassis, for less than $400. Plays like a champ.
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  3. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SE Michigan, Downriver....
    I'm partial to my Pioneer PL-550.

    Technics are plentiful and good.

    Best of luck.
  4. gizzyman47

    gizzyman47 Super Member

    I like my quartz locked pioneer pl-600.
  5. lurp

    lurp Member

    SL1200 is a good table, but not much to look at. The vintage Marantz tables, most of which were made for them by CEC I believe (who also made Pioneer's, Kenwood's,etc.), are pretty, but really not worth the "Marantz" tax IMO, and I own most of them :)
    • The 6100 is a fairly basic, vinyl-veneered belt drive with auto cueing
    • The 6200 adds speed adjustment and a strobe, and adds some queuing features (repeat, etc.)
    • The 6300 is a gorgeous direct drive with a nice heavy plinth and wood veneer, but the tonearm damper is fiddly and mine won't hold a stable 33-1/3 to save itself (better after being lubed and recapped, but not great). This one's looks and name demand a premium its performance doesn't live up to IMO.
    • The 6350q is my favorite of the bunch. Quartz locked and a better tonearm than any of the above. I have a Dennon DL301 moving coil cart on mine, and aside from the typical direct-drive rumble, it sounds nearly as good as much higher-end tables.
    • The 6370q... Someone else will have to opine, as I've never had one! Regardless, they're hard to find and anything but cheap if you do.
    Given your stated objectives, I think a care-worn Technics, as others have suggested, makes a lot of sense, and hopefully leaves some room in the budget for a decent cart and phono pre-amp.
  6. bktheking

    bktheking Gitter Done! Subscriber

    Ottawa Ontario
    Yes a mk2 1200 is a perfect option- affordable and bulletproof and will run for years without needing maintenance. Wanna step up the game, sp10 mk2 or mk3 it even better.


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  7. likebike23

    likebike23 Super Member

    Western MA
    I got a Technics SL-1900 for $20 on Craigslist a couple years ago. It needed work, but it runs great now. It's a nice fully automatic model which I find convenient. The SL-1200 is fully manual, so you will need to drop the needle and take it off at the end of the record.
  8. _tk

    _tk Member

    Just a thought...but there are plenty of decent new tables being made that won't break the bank. Vintage is nice, but good vintage tables usually aren't cheap and/or they need some work.

    You might luck into something on craigslist, but in my area if you're not there with money ASAP, the item will be gone.

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