Technics SU-G75 Amp + ST-K55 Tuner - Any Info?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Patrick, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Active Member

    Picked up a Technics SU-G75 integrated amp. with Technics ST-K55 digital tuner at our local flea market today. Waiting for them to dry off from accumulated snow (and also to thaw!) before testing.

    Meantime, anyone know anything about this combo? Can find very little on the net. Thanks!
  2. bully

    bully member

    No joy in the Orion BB. I have a very nice bigger integrated amp that originally came in one of their systems. Perhaps yours did, too. Is it a "New Class A" amp? Those non-switching amps are really pretty good sounding. I like my Technics integrated amp -- just no place for it any more.
  3. Patrick

    Patrick Active Member

    Thanks, Pete.

    Seems to be a decent piece of hardware: substantial weight, made in Japan, nice cosmetics. My guess: the late 80's into early 90's. But only a guess.

    Obviously built for a rack, with only a small vent section on the top and a fan at the back.

    Can't tell if it's New Class A. Maybe popping the cover will reveal more, when I get around to it. Then again, maybe not.

    Until then, a mystery.

    Anything on the ST-K55 tuner that came with it?
  4. bully

    bully member

    No joy there, either.
  5. Tleilax

    Tleilax Resident Technics Dude

    They were both part of a rack system that was sold all together. I have pictures/info in a catalog somewhere...
  6. Patrick

    Patrick Active Member

    Had a hunch these two components were part of a rack system that probably included a CDP and a cassette deck - possibly even an equalizer.

    If there's any chance you can find any paper on the system, I'd be grateful. But I've also been known to scratch my head ("Where the hell did I put that??") so I don't expect you to tear your life apart looking for it. That kind of search can make/ruin a day.

    Thanks for the effort!
  7. d1gun

    d1gun New Member

    Package Deal

    The SU-G75 came with the following pieces:
    The ST-55K Synthesizer
    RS-TR170 Dual Cassett Deck
    SL-PD665 5Disc Changer
    Cabinet and 5 speakers

    I still use mine today except, lighting zapped my Amplifier and I am looking for a replacement. Any one know where I can get one?

  8. Strawman

    Strawman Moderator

    I had to replace the motorized volume pot in an SU-G75. Pretty nice amp, I ended up giving it and the tuner along with an EQ and some Pioneer speaks to bud as a house warming gift, he says he uses it everyday. Got the parts from here:

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