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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by kfa888, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. kfa888

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    I got a "The Fisher" console from fellow ARer Charivari (thanks again JP) a couple of years ago. Got it for the tube amp which i have yet to get fixed. Anyway I was moving one of the speaker cabs around and thought i would hook it up and give it a listen. I am pleasantly surprised at the sound. Each cab has 2-6 inch full rangers (Jensen?) speakers in it in an OB design. The mid range is very good and has a very nice quality to vocals. It extends surprisingly high. Real bass is as expected, not there. Just wondered if anyone has ever used these drivers before and what you think of them. I know it is a long shot. After hearing them I'm temped to use them in a DIY project as mid range drivers.




    i really need to get this amp fixed one day as i hear they are pretty good, Has the matching tube preamp as well...

  2. stickman

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    The 220 EIA code on the back of each alnico magnet structure shows that they are indeed Jensen drivers. These types of speakers are known for having nice midrange response with little bass and rolled off high frequencies, rendering them less than ideal as a full range driver. There are collectors that always buy such Jensen drivers on ebay when offered, but they usually don't sell for much money and the buyers usually own tube gear to drive them with.

    It would be interesting to hear your take on the sound if you got the Fisher tube gear refurbished and working properly so you could hear what the entire system sounded like when new.
  3. kfa888

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    Like i said, i really like the mid range voicing on these, seems very intimate and revealing in a very good way. I think i will use them for mids in a DIY project. I will not alter them in any way so i can put them back. The other part of this system has the tube amp, a TT and to more of these speakers for a total of 4. both cabs have cool screw on legs. I'm going to keep the whole thing intact but will be using various parts for various projects. I would like to hear it as originally intended one day although I'm sure the tube amp will sound much better with real full range multi driver speakers.

    Thanks for the info.
  4. thedelihaus

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    Kelly, some EPI tweeters are on the way to you- mailed out this morning.

    you thinking of adding them to these?
  5. kfa888

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    Not sure. Have had a DIY bug for the last fem months. I have some KEF 139 woofers doing nothing, looking for some cool mids (maybe the Jensens ? ) and the EPI tweets, that would be interesting to say the least. I have lots of options for the mids but the Jensens do sound very good.

    THANKS FOR THE TWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. brainsmasher

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    I used a pair of jensen speakers very similar to those in my voights as a "what the hell " kind of thing. I was really surprised with what I heard. In those cabs the bass really livened up, but the highs were just not there. I bet a pair of emits to top them off would be a great sounding system.

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