THE FISHER WS-80 Wide Surround

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by classicscope, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. classicscope

    classicscope be my facebook friend ;)

    hello, have new speakers, the fisher ws-80 wide surround :scratch2:
    somebody has information, they are similar sonab style...

    many greetings.
  2. classicscope

    classicscope be my facebook friend ;)

    nobody? here 2 pics:


  3. Roypercy

    Roypercy Super Member

    No ideas, but VERY cool speakers! I've had a few FIsher speakers from that era (XP series) and really loved them.

    How do they sound?
  4. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    really cool looking. What's the driver configuration?
  5. tcdriver

    tcdriver AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Those are sure nice looking speakers. Omnidirectional speakers enjoyed a brief heyday in the late seventies. This appears to be Fishers offering of an omnidirectional speaker system. Fisher also used the term WideSurround to describe their receivers during the quadraphonic era.

    From the 1973 Stereo Directory & Buying Guide:

    WS-80 Omnidirectional System
    3-way floor-standing system with 8" woofer, 5 3/4" mid-range, and wide-dispersion 3" tweeter. Response 35-20,000 Hz; 400 & 1500 Hz crossovers. Has tweeter level control, 8 ohms impedance. 30 W dynamic maximum input power. 18 3/4" H X 18" W X 11" D. Oiled walnut ..... $99.95
  6. classicscope

    classicscope be my facebook friend ;)

    i like it, nice, clear sound - room-filling. :thmbsp:

    so cheap?
  7. Paratima

    Paratima E'Wavin'

    $99.95 in 1973 dollars would be almost $500 today... :yikes:

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