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Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by VinylHanger, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Teej

    Teej Active Member

    New Orleans, La
    This is just the last two weeks. More on the way. I'm in a bit of a binge cycle RN...
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  2. RhythmGJ

    RhythmGJ AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Too tired to take and post a picture right now. Must get some sleep! But the long and short of it is I've saved a lot of money at one of the Record Theater outlets that is closing-- I just grabbed 15 Vinyl LPs (Blue Note and Prestige) this morning, and a great Coltrane Atlantic box set on CD last week, at 50% off retail.

    Worked a twenty hour day yesterday, only got a brief nap then got up early to get to the store when they opened; just a little late as a lady ahead of me had already scanned the Jazz LPs and she looked like she had about 30 of them! But I'm still happy with my haul (Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey, Clifford Brown, Pat Martino, Duke Jordan, Eric Dolphy, Stanley Turrentine, Jimmy Smith, Kenny Dorham, Curtis Counce, Red Garland, Lee Morgan, etc.)...

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  3. cratz2

    cratz2 Addicted Member

    Indy, IN
    I had a pretty big score today at one of our area Goodwill's. Lots of desirable jazz.

    All in excellent condition, vinyl looks perfect, all but one of the covers are in really nice condition, most of them have the heavier external covers and many of them have new anti-static type inside covers.

    There were actually so many quality jazz records, it was ridiculous! I initially grabbed about 90 then went over to the furniture section to sort through them. I rejected about 40 of them. As I was going through everything, another LP-hound came along and was sort of looking over my shoulder. I told him that I would let him look through my rejects, many of which were pretty decent, and for him to go back over and look through the records still on the shelves. He probably ended up getting over 50 of them and we still left probably 50 or 60 on the shelves. He seemed pretty happy with some of my rejects.

    I also got maybe 5 or 6 pop and rock LP's in super perfect condition and my first piece of red-colored vinyl.

    Pics to follow.
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  4. RhythmGJ

    RhythmGJ AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sounds like an awesome score; yes, pix please. Any Blue Note or Prestige? Pablo, Verve, Impulse!, CTI or IC?

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  5. cratz2

    cratz2 Addicted Member

    Indy, IN
    Inspired by another member that made a video rather than taking pics so... I made a video.

    Let me know if anything looks particularly good.

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  6. crazy-in-az

    crazy-in-az All humans are vermin... Subscriber

    Kingman, Arizona
    This was a very good day for vinyl! I found several albums I've been pursuing and I even found an original copy of The Velvet Underground and Nico. The whole lot cost me a whopping $24!

    John Lennon- Walls And Bridges
    The Rolling Stones- Goats Head Soup
    Elton John- "Empty Sky" and "Tumbleweed Connection"
    U2- "War", "October" and "Wide Awake in America"
    Ted Nugent- "Scream Machine" and "Free For All"
    Heatwave- Too Hot To Handle
    Blue Oyster Cult- Agents Of Fortune
    Judas Priest- Screaming For Vengeance
    and of course The Velvet Underground and Nico
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  7. cratz2

    cratz2 Addicted Member

    Indy, IN
    So after looking through them, a few are from those labels:

    Jim Hall Concierto is on CTI
    Ron Carter Spanish Blue is on CTI
    Freddie Hubbard Red Clay is on CTI
    Oscar Peterson Night Train is on Verve
    Oscar Peterson West Side Story is on Verve (Japanese Pressing)
    Yusef Lateef Other Sounds is on Prestige
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  8. RhythmGJ

    RhythmGJ AK Subscriber Subscriber

    NICE score!!


    PS-- Just watched your video; outta sight! I am seriously jealous; where did you find that?
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  9. RhythmGJ

    RhythmGJ AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Crazy-in-az-- Nice Rock score!!

  10. Wires!!

    Wires!! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Love that Operation Ivy
  11. bullgill

    bullgill Active Member

    Found a new record that I can not find anything on. Some random privately pressed record I'm sure, I think the label is the same label created by a guy named "Al Petty" who is now serving 24 years for embezzling more than 16 million dollars from investors in Texas.

    The music is smooth jazz/rock.






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  12. rxonmymind

    rxonmymind AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Love it. A good day considering there were five record pro's ahead of me.

    Also at the suggestion of a member in another thread I bought a Minolta 50mm lense to look at the needle. Fifty cents is a great price for that imho.
    But that Tom Jones from Japan is killing me. Why is the cover so flimsy?
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  13. freQ(*)Oddio

    freQ(*)Oddio Super Member

    i will be listing this score when i can get started going through them, have no idea whats here

    Attached Files:

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  14. TrentD

    TrentD New Member

    Port Edward
    Went over to friends house to find this unique record. Not a big Buble fan. I tried googling it finding no info on it. I was told it was a Michael Bubles wedding album with only 500 printed. Thought I would share. image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  15. crazy-in-az

    crazy-in-az All humans are vermin... Subscriber

    Kingman, Arizona
    I haven't posted my finds in a while, so here's the last two weekend's worth of vinyl, all of which I found for $1 each-

    David Lee Roth- Skyscraper
    Jethro Tull- Stand Up (with the "pop up" still attached)
    Allman Brothers- Brothers of the Road
    Van Halen- Women and Children First
    Thin Lizzy- Johnny The Fox
    Steve Winwood- Roll With It
    Billy Squier- Don't Say No
    Santana- Inner Secrets
    Los Lobos- How Will The Wolf Survive
    Deep Purple- Burn
    ZZ Top- Tejas
    John Waite- No Brakes
    Sammy Hagar- "VOA" and Self Titled
    Talking Heads- Speaking In Tongues
    Pete Townshend's Deep End Live
    Robert Plant- The Principle of Moments
    Scandal- Warrior
    Duran Duran- Rio
    Pat Travers Band- Live! Go For What You Know
    Molly Hatchet- Beatin' The Odds
    Oingo Boingo- Dead Man's Party
    Bob Seger- Smokin' O.P.s
    Asia- Alpha
    Tubes- The Completion Backwards Principle
    Cruzados- After Dark
    Morningstar- Self titled
    Supertramp- Paris
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  16. xbart

    xbart AK Subscriber Subscriber

    So. Oregon
    I asked at a garage sale if they had any records and was led inside and told be to pick out some records from their collection.
    Mostly jazz, which I'm not that knowledgeable about. All look to be in super nice shape and more than a few look to be early pressings.

    Here is what I came home with:

    ABCD-808 Steely Dan Pretzel Logic
    ABCS-590X Ray Charles A Man And His Soul
    AK-1107/2 Steely Dan Greatest Hits (1972-1978)
    1227 Erroll Garner The Greatest Garner
    1284 The Modern Jazz Quartet The Modern Jazz Quartet Plays One Never Knows
    ATL 60 079 Dave Brubeck The Art Of Dave Brubeck
    SM-167 Stan Kenton And His Orchestra Artistry In Rhythm
    ST 2047 The Beatles Meet The Beatles!
    SMAS 2653 The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    CL 1041 Miles Davis, Gil Evans Miles Ahead
    CL 1440 Charles Mingus And His Jazz Group Mingus Dynasty
    CL 622 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Brubeck Time
    CL 949 Miles Davis 'Round About Midnight
    CS 8156 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Gone With The Wind
    G 30622 Charlie Byrd For All We Know
    J2C 44215 The Dave Brubeck Quartet The Great Concerts
    KC 30322 Janis Joplin Pearl
    MG 36026 Erroll Garner Garnering
    3-230 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Dave Brubeck Quartet
    3205 The Dave Brubeck Trio Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals
    3223 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz At The College Of The Pacific
    F-24726 The Dave Brubeck Trio Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals
    3245, 3-245 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz At Oberlin
    AS-9200-2 John Coltrane The Best Of John Coltrane - His Greatest Years
    MG20310 Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin Vol One
    Mod-LP 100, #49 Herbie Harper Sextet Herbie Harper Sextet!
    PRLP 7156 Hawkins / Shavers / Grimes Hawk Eyes
    PRLP 7169 Thelonious Monk / Sonny Rollins Work!
    PRLP 7057, LP 7057 The Modern Jazz Quartet Django
    SLP 2249 Stan Getz The Greatest Of Stan Getz
    SS 19000 Duke Ellington Duke Ellington's 70th Birthday Concert
    SS 18035, UASS 18035 The Modern Jazz Quartet On Tour
    UAL 3366 The Beatles A Hard Day's Night
    VJLP 1062, LP 1062 The Beatles Introducing... The Beatles
    MG V-8009 Charlie Parker Jazz Perennial
    MG VS-68390 Ray Brown Jazz Cello
    V-4066 Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald's Tribute To Cole Porter
    V-8411 Dizzy Gillespie Perceptions
    V6-8504 Hawkins, Eldridge, Hodges Hawkins! Eldridge! Hodges! Alive! At The Village Gate!
    MG V-4036 Ella Fitzgerald Get Happy!
    1-26125 Ladysmith Black Mambazo Two Worlds One Heart
    W2-25753 Ladysmith Black Mambazo Journey Of Dreams
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  17. CoryS06

    CoryS06 Active Member

    Here's my jazz haul from this week

    4 vinyl albums
    1. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Drum Suite
    2. Charlie Parker - Bird/Encores Vol. 2
    3. Leonard Bernstein - What is Jazz
    4. (My favorite record and my best sounding. Record and what I'm currently listening to) Clifford Brown All-Stars. What people call an "obi" jazz album. I saw it and knew I had to have it.

    3 CDs
    1. Cannonball Adderley - Fiddler on the Roof
    2. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Live in Zurich 1958
    3. John Coltrane - The Gentle side of

    Attached Files:

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  18. CoryS06

    CoryS06 Active Member


    You basically got some of the best jazz artists one could get in one afternoon. Enjoy!!
  19. mars_volta

    mars_volta Super Member

    Picked these up for $10 today. Like new.

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  20. HPuser9557

    HPuser9557 Active Member

    Lawton, OK.
    Grabbed the CD version of the Escape from NY soundtrack off Amazon for $11.36, and it's due in on Thursday. CUETools is set up for ripping the album, and then the CD itself is being stashed somewhere it won't get damaged.

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