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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by progger7, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. progger7

    progger7 Active Member

    I've heard the Thorens TD 165 is less desireable than the TD 160 or TD 145. That said, is the 165 still a solid turntable worth owning? How does this compare to a Dual CS 5000?
  2. ddarch

    ddarch Well-Known Member

    The TD-165 is most definitely worth owning! It is slightly less desireable than the 145/160 because the platter bearing is smaller. I personally think 9 out of ten people couldn't hear the difference if all other things were equal. The anti-skate is different, too, but I actaully prefer the 165s.

    Like the Marantz 2220b, the Thorens 165 is one of the great bargains in audio right now.

  3. progger7

    progger7 Active Member

    I'm curious why you think the Marantz 2220b is such a great audio bargain. It's only a 20wpc unit right?
  4. Fishstink

    Fishstink Member


    I have one of these. I think the arm is alittle cheesy with the nylon antiskate set up. I modded mine by replacing with a t-16 arm with the magnet antiskate. I think the t-16 is a better arm. I cant' tell the difference btn my TD-145 and my TD-165 now. Both sound might good.

  5. ddarch

    ddarch Well-Known Member


    The 2220b is perfect for a bedroom or office system.

    They sell most of the time for under a hundred bucks, yet it isthe same Marantz quality you get in, say, a 2270...only fewer watts.

    If you have ever spent time listening to the tuner section of a 2220b, you would not be asking that question...I fall to asleep listening to my favorite station thru a 222ob every night. Pure heaven.

    Some go for sixty bucks with a little cosmetic damage. Mark my words, some day folks willl see their true cvalue, and then...look out.

  6. cfoster

    cfoster Well-Known Member

    I have a TD 165 that I bought as parts and restored. I use it for mono recordings with a Grado MC+ cart. It needs more suspension tweeking (just a little too bouncy) but when I get back to it and get it done, I think it will be just fine. I use a TD 145 MkII as my main TT. :thmbsp:
  7. Nat

    Nat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The Thorens suspension is bouncy alright, and thats something you have to get used to -- or not (I couldn't, though I had no problem with the AR suspension which is theoretically about similar). But for me, the later Duals just seem too plasticy to enjoy as much as the earlier ones. So I'd go with the Thorens.
  8. kashgar

    kashgar New Member

    Mindful of how old this thread is, here are my two cents. I have a Marantz 2215b, and it is a little jewel. The sound is warm, clean and still crisp. I get the feeling that those boys at Marantz knew their circuitry. I also have a Thorens TD-165, with a Shure V15 Type IV cartridge. No complaints. A Sansui AU-717 drives that signal through a pair of Tannoy Mercurys.
  9. michaelhigh

    michaelhigh mind's eye music

    TD-165 doing everyday duty at the michaelhigh household. #1 TT here.
  10. Ron wis

    Ron wis New Member

    some help..

    i got a thrones td 165 and cerwin vega dx-3 speakers in great condition .
    now im looking for a got reciver to complete the set any recommends?
  11. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    New or old receivers?

    How many channels?

    How many watts per channels? :scratch2:

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