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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Thrift-a-holic, Jan 22, 2009.

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    So my friend just got a Toshiba SA-725 for Goodwill for 12 dollars. I had to let him down gently becuase he was thinking it was going to have the same amp as the SA-700 technics. Not only is it not 100rms, but it is also made in Taiwan. I think it may still be an OK garage unit though. Anyhow, I am guessing it is about 25rms, can anyone confirm? I tried looking up the info, and I can't find anything.
  2. BostonDave

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    No, he certainly didn't get a Technics SA-700. The specs on the Toshibas can are fairly elusive out there. Here are some I've come across however:

    SA-320 - 2x18 watts
    SA-420 - 2x25 watts
    SA-520 - 2x40 watts
    SA-620 - 2x60 watts
    SA-735 - 2x35 watts
    SA-775 - 2x75 watts

    If the list is accurate it would appear that for the 7xx series the xx stood for the watts per channel which would put the SA-725 at 25.
  3. timewarp

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    power rating

    i just moved from my kenwood ka880sd, which is 100 watts per channel, to a toshiba sa 725, and i would say that the toshiba is probably even more powerful than the kenwood. so, i wonder how they rate these things, what they are measuring.......
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    I've had a Toshiba SA-520 for years and it has plenty of balls. It easily kept up with my Kenwood KR-8010 in all but the heaviest use. The vinyl cover is rather sucky and the controls are a bit sloppy but I have always been impressed but its sound and performance. Your friend may be surprised at what he finds.
  5. ecluser

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    SA-220 - 2x11 watts @ 0.8% THD
    SA-320 - 2x15 watts @ 0.4% THD
    SA-420 - 2x25 watts @ 0.4% THD
    SA-520 - 2x40 watts @ 0.4% THD
    SA-620 - 2x50 watts @ 0.3% THD
    SA-725 - 2x25 watts @ 0.1% THD
    SA-735 - 2x35 watts @ 0.08% THD
    SA-750 - 2x 50 watts @ 0.08% THD
    SA-850 - 2x 50 watts @ 0.03% THD
    SA-775 - 2x 75 watts @ 0.05% THD
    SA-7100 - 2x100 watts @ 0.05% THD
    SA-7150 - 2x150 watts @ 0.05% THD
  6. timewarp

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    i see the math, and the connection. but how does the 25 watt toshiba out power the 100 watt kenwwod? what math / science are they using?
  7. Raphaz

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    Bought a Toshiba SA-725 - humming?

    I just got myself a Toshiba SA-725 for $40.00.
    Hope it's worth it.

    Lil' dirty and some rust at the back outputs.
    Powers up though. Sounds promising in terms of power and depth (definitely feels like more than 2x25) but there's this low freq humming, almost like Hall or Echo Platter effect. Where's that coming from?

    Is it just a matter of cleaning/lubing or more serious?
    Is it worth opening?

    Anybody experienced with these?
    Any suggestions?

    I may have to post this separately as this is an old thread and I may not get much replies.
  8. Nat

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    I remember reading a review of one of this series in Stereo Review years ago and noting that it had a rather low damping factor. That might contribute to its percieved power since the bass would be less controlled.
    I just picked up one --curious how it will sound.

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