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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by highping, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. highping

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    I was asked to post some pics of this table without further ado:

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  2. Cogsinister

    Cogsinister Super Member

    Not seen one of those before.....very nice CEC made turntable you have there......
  3. coryndenise

    coryndenise New Member

    TransAudio 1800 motor

    I bought my TransAudio 1800 in 78 or 79 with money from summer jobs. It has worked great with only the occasional cartridge change. However, the motor has given out on in (frozen) and I need to replace it. Any ideas where I can obtain a replacement motor?? Thanks in advance!
  4. Cogsinister

    Cogsinister Super Member

    Probably your best bet would be from a scrap/parts donor unit.
  5. SkyLounger

    SkyLounger Super Member

    That's a looker tt...!
  6. warbaugh

    warbaugh AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hello! I've got the motor you need - send me a pm - thanks! William

    SHADOWFOX New Member

    Hi Folks, this is my first post here but been lurking for a while. A neighbor gave this (TransAudio 1800) to me for free and she said that it was her dads but she can't find the user manual. The belt was shredded and does not look like the motor is spinning. Does anybody have a user manual or service manual they can share? Would greatly appreciate it.

    Cosmetically everything else looks great! It's a nice looking table and would like to see if I can bring it back to life.

  8. bashman

    bashman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hi all,
    I just picked up a TransAudio 1600 on CL for $10. It's in very good shape, just needs a belt. It's also missing the hanging anti-skating weight. Can anyone tell me how much that weight weighs? Details on adjusting it? Thanks in advance.

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