Transistors - 2SC1116 vs. 2SC1116A

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Ecaroh, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Would it be OK to use the 2SC1116A as output transistors, for one pair, in my 5000X? The other pair is the stock 2SC1116.

    Far as I can tell, the difference is that the A version is rated for slightly higher voltage (200 vs 180). But I don't know that for sure and I have no gain specs.

    The NTE replacement part (284) is the same for both of these.

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    According to this it is.

  3. Stene

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    Power Transistors

    5000X came with 2SC1079 or 2SC1116 from manufacturer
    Specs for those are: 2SC1079 150V, 12A,100W
    2SC1116 180V, 10A, 100W and for 2SC1116A 200V, 10A, 100W

    If you like to use 2SC1116A you can find Original Sanken Brand at

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