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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by crassmage, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. crassmage

    crassmage New Member

    Hi, first post. New to this whole thing.. Anyways I have a receiver decision and a speaker decision I could use some help with. Trying to find options on which to keep. I have listened to most combinations of these and have just gotten more confused. Anyways I have tested all with various types of music from my tt(early 80s Sony) some combos where way off from others. But need to cut some stuff loose as I have more than I need.

    Pioneer sx-450
    Toshiba sa-2500
    Heathkit ar29

    Polk monitor 7c(1981ish)
    Pioneer cs-g911
    Bic venturi formula 4
    Baby advent ii

    Not the fanciest gear but all working and paid for!

    Adequate sized basement playing mostly rock/punk music at an average level(have kids) Opinions? Thanks! This forum is great btw


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  2. thomo57

    thomo57 Super Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Not familiar with any of your gear but keep two of each that you like the most.
    You always need a back up
  3. crassmage

    crassmage New Member

    Ok thanks for the reply. Was just wondering out of my options which ones were most valuable/desired if at all

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