Tube Technology Genesis 100w monoblocks?

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by ricohman, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. ricohman

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    I am looking for some information on these amps. The seller says they were made in England and use EL34's. I have searched but found nothing regarding the specs or any type of review. I don't know if this company is still making amps.
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  3. ricohman

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    Yes, from the description I received that seems to be it. I have yet to see them or even a picture. They have been in storage for some time.
    Haven't bought these, just thinking for now.
  4. gadget73

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    Nice looking amps, and rather sizable transformers. Bet those things weigh a bunch.
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    Noticed those OPT's too. They look stout.
  6. ricohman

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    Believe it or not, these amps are 20lbs each lighter than my Dynaco Mark VI's. I really would like to read some kind of review.
  7. ricohman

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    I have seen these amps and they look very nice. Good shape except one small screen on the rear where the bias screws are. Not exactly like the pic but close. Look nicer in person and they have cages.
    They have a stamp that reads "made in the UK" so information is very limited. How these Brit made monoblocks ended up in the middle of nowhere is beyond me. I did find these specs on another thread.

    Input Stage Specification

    No.of Inputs - 1 single ended input per channel
    Input Sensitivity = 0.775 mV RMS for max power @ 100W
    Input Impedance = 130 kohms
    Tube compliment - 2 x ECC81/12AT7 twin triode

    Output Specification

    Class of Operation - AB
    Type of Operation - push pull, ultra-linear
    Output Power = 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms
    Nominal Speaker Load = 8 ohms
    Rated Power Bandwidth = 12Hz - 58kHz @ 100w - 1dB
    Frequency Response = 4 Hz - 68kHz @ 1W - 1dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion = 0.05 % @ 1W
    0.3% @ Half Power
    1.0% @ Full Power
    Signal to Noise Ratio = -96 dB unweighted, input shorted
    Tube Compliment - 4 x EL34/6CA7 pentode

    Electrical Specification

    Power Consumption - 135 W quiescent @ 240V
    270 W full power @ 240V Voltage Settings available - 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC

    Physical Characteristics

    Dimensions - 350 x 270 x 150mm (W, D, H)
    Amplifier Weight - 16kg

    I don't want to discuss a price in this forum though. But without any reviews to read or anyone with personal experience to pass on, I don't know if the price is reasonable. I would like to get in low so I don't lose my shirt should it not end well.
    They look just like these, including the bias meter, except for round badges on the front. Cages are off in this fellows pic.
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  8. ricohman

    ricohman Adventure Rider

    I am going to have a listen to these today. I found this write up on a U.K site. I'm new to tubes and I'm not sure escatly what "ultra linear s" is, or some of the other things that are described. Could someone give me the dumbed down version on the quality of the construction by reading this? The amps I am looking at are later models. Earlier models pictured above. Built around the late 90's early 2000's.

    The Genesis Signature 100 watt Monoblock configuration offers a vastly improved amplifier, over its predecessor which has been in production since 1988. This established design has undergone improvements which feature a higher current driver stage, uprated power supply for both the driver and output stage, individual tube protection with outboard bias monitoring facilities and best of all a superb new output transformer which achieves even greater bandwidth than before.

    The Monoblock configuration provides optimum stereo separation and consequently the strongest imaging and soundstage, while the full 100 watts output, available into the most difficult of loads, ensures an ease and effortlessness at all volume levels, not possible with lower powered amplifiers.

    The loudest musical crescendo, the deepest bass guitar note, the lowest rumble of an organ pipe are all conveyed with authority, control and total freedom from clipping which is vital for a life-like, believable musical experience. This is not power-for-power sake, this is vital energy for the total enjoyment of music.

    The high tension rail incorporates new smoothing capacitors, which are half the ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) of the previous supply capacitors. These new devices use the latest manufacturing techniques complimenting the high speed power supply. The class A input stage utilizes its own dedicated solid state power supply, as does the fully balanced driver stage, featuring dedicated transformers these stages assist the amplifier to achieve maximum transient response without any phase shift. All signal paths are hard wired with PCOCC and silver cabling.

    Component quality is of high standard, selected for maximum performance and reliability, featuring 1% metal film resistors from Vishay, Roderstein and Holco and high quality polypropylene, film and foil capacitors. For long life and reliability each Monoblock is fitted with an electronic soft-start, ensuring a gentle power-up sequence, without causing stress to the tubes as the stiff power supply comes on line. As with all our amplifiers build quality is of supreme importance ensuring extended service in the field. The chassis is hand-crafted from one piece of sixteen gauge non-magnetic high purity stainless steel. A new double-sided PCB with 3 ounce copper on 3/32 fibreglass, offer the tube bases mechanical and electronic stability which is important in a device that warms and cools as often as a tube amplifier. The double sided through plated connection also improves coupling with the remainder of the circuit and is the best alternative to hard-wiring.

    The output stage utilizes four EL34 pentodes, operated in Ultra-Linear S form, which is the only type of circuit to provide the lowest amount of total harmonic distortion. Feedback is kept to a bare minimum (11dB) keeping the amplifier frequency linear and stable into any load. The high performance output transformer, has been developed over the last two years to create an optimum match between modern EL34 output tubes and the load it is designed to drive. This proprietary design is capable of extended bandwidth of over 70 kHz, which is exceptional for a device so large. Its agile performance can be likened to amplifiers a tenth of this power rating, incorporating specialist hand wound manufacturing techniques, including inductance measurements during winding for extra precision.

    The Genesis Signature Monoblock set a modern standard which is unequalled by many of its tube or solid state rivals, powerful enough to drive virtually any loudspeaker, precise enough to play music of any kind from classical to rock, this amplifier uses superlative design and manufacturing techniques allowing the listener to hear their music collection as it should be heard.
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  9. vinylkid58

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    That's some great ad copy.:thmbsp:

    No idea what "Ultra-Linear S form" is.

  10. ricohman

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    I know its a feel good add by the company.:D
    I was wondering if there was anything technical in that add that would make me want to avoid owning these monoblocks?:scratch2:
  11. vinylkid58

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    Doesn't appear to be anything really "out there" going on, based on the description. They were designed to be a commercial product after all.


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