TubeDAC-11 Tube Rolling Results

Discussion in 'Grant Fidelity' started by brother love, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Attached is a TubeDAC-11 tube recommendation spreadsheet in .pdf format that summarizes results from the TubeDAC-11 tube rolling thread.

    Thanks for everyones input. Enjoy !

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  2. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

  3. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Spreadsheet updated 5/22/12 & attached to 1st post.
  4. Yamaha~Josh

    Yamaha~Josh Member

    Hey Brother Love, can you give us a detailed impression of the BOLDER Cable Company DAC11 mod vs the stock DAC11's sound, please??

    I've been considering this mod, though I'm not sure if its truly worth the investment just yet.
  5. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Actually I haven't had the Bolder mods done on my TubeDAC-11. Wayne used my avatar TubeDAC-11 pic on his Bolder website w/ my blessing.

    Check here for DAC-11 mod comments if you haven't already done so:
  6. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Spreadsheet updated 10/1/12 & attached to 1st post.
  7. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

    Thanks for the update brother, lots have told me how much they appreciate your efforts.

  8. komoyuki

    komoyuki Super Member

    Can all the tubes on the list of Brother Love be used as replacement of 6N1 on W-30? And current 6N1 on W-30 is the same tube stock used on dac-11?

    Thanks for the info.

  9. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

    TubeDAC-11 uses a 6N11, the W-30 uses a 6N1 for driver and pre-amp tubes, while these two tube are not really interchangeable, all the tube rolls listed for the TubeDAC-11 will work in the W-30

  10. komoyuki

    komoyuki Super Member

    Great ! :thmbsp:
  11. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Thanks Ian. You, Wolfbane, & many others have provided a boatload of valuable tube reviews for the GF TubeDAC-11. I'm glad to pay it forward ...
  12. FlySweep

    FlySweep New Member

    Just chiming in to let y'all know I'm still really diggin' the Zaerix tube.. particularly with the HD600. What a terrific match.

    I've got plenty of hours on it at this point & its mellowed out quite nicely.. while remaining very resolving. After 75-100 hours, the treble smoothed out to just the right degree. The midbass has a taut lift that's simply perfect for my tastes. This is a critical area as the HD600's native tuning has a slight boost in the same (midbass) region.. so any excessive boost can throw the HD600's balance off. The Zaerix' midbass boost actually accentuates and enhances the HD600's midbass lift. It gives the low end a soft 'bounce' that jives exceedingly well with hip hop, jazz, and soul. The Zaerix' midrange is thoroughly immersive. Clean, liquid, and dynamic.. possessing a slightly dry tone.. but positively oozes a lively, spacious presentation. Again, this synergizes well with the HD600's tonal qualities.

    I might spring for the Gold Lion tube too since I'm interested in hearing it.. and some impressions might be useful for the Tube rolling thread.

    I'd like to get the Boulder Cable Company mods for the TD-11, too.. anyone else have this done?
  13. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Don't know if you checked the audiocircle link that I referenced a few months ago; but things have since changed at Bolder Cable Company ... Wayne is getting out of the audio biz & going to be a brewmeister :scratch2::

    Looks like he may still be doing a few mods to fund his new endeavors (see page 3 of the latest link), but not sure if the TubeDAC-11 mods are still available or not.

    His work is highly thought of, but I personally have never taken the plunge.
  14. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

    From the description of the end results of the Boulder Mod, I would go for our PC-1.5 power cable instead and save some money, and get very likely the same results. With all the features in the TubeDAC-11, I'm not very comfortable recommending the mods Boulder offers, he states he isn't testing all the features, and isn't trying all the different tubes the TubeDAC-11 is capable of using. Then the main thing is that a mod isn't a mod until it is compared to the stock unit, that is a hack :)

  15. FlySweep

    FlySweep New Member

    Thanks for the heads up, Ian. I've got the PC 1.5 cord for the TD-11.. and am very happy with it. I was looking at the BCC 'hack' more out of sheer curiosity than any real disappointment with the TD-11's SQ. I'll find out more from Wayne.. if it seems worth it, I'll (take one for the team and) swing for it. I'm aware this would void any kind of warranty on the TD-11, too (but I think mine's out of it, anyways).

    I said I'd hold off on any more tube rolling considering how happy I am with the Zaerix tube (that sentiment remains.. I absolutely LOVE it with the HD600), but my curiosity got the better of my wallet (again) & I've ordered the Genelex Gold Lion 6922 today. I should have it before the end of next week.
  16. sevenx

    sevenx New Member

    Would it be possible to add a column the spreadsheet to incorporate the approximate market price of the tubes that are being listed?

    I know tube prices can vary widely depending on many different factors, but it might be a good starting place for some of us looking to understand the return on our investments as we start tube rolling with the TubeDAC-11.

    Other than that, keep up the great work. Cheers!
  17. nhs ice

    nhs ice New Member

    Hi all,

    Would you guys kindly shows me where I can purchase this online or in Calgary, AB Canada.

    ECC88/6DJ8 from Zaerix.

  18. FlySweep

    FlySweep New Member

    I purchased the Zaerix 7DJ8 (which is compatible with the TD-11) from this eBay seller. The tube arrived quickly & was in mint (NOS) condition.
  19. brother love

    brother love New Member

    Spreadsheet updated 3/5/13 & attached to 1st post.

    Thanks for the new recommendations everyone !
  20. mcgsxr

    mcgsxr Member

    Wanted to say thanks for the effort on the part of those who tested and recommended a number of tubes here. I have scored some Voskhods, and a Gold Lion too.

    Appreciate it guys!

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