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  1. bully

    bully member

    We've had threads counting our speakers, telling about our turntables, yada yada.
    So, now, how about your tuners? How many do you have?
    My favs are the two Onkyo T-9.
    Others include:
    Yamaha T-80 (two, excellent)
    Onkyo T-4090 (sweet)
    Technics ST-8080 (excellent)
    Denon TU-600 (nice, but not enough time with it yet)
    Yamaha CT-800 (haven't got 'round to listening to it)
    Audica ST-3120B (a mystery, but very good)

    That's 9 tuners, oh there is the old NAD 4020, but it's in a box 'cause it 'wanders' but it was a sweetie.
  2. Lefty

    Lefty Super Member

    Well I'm down to just two tuners at present:

    Kenwood L-07T II
    Luxman T-02
  3. ProAc_Fan

    ProAc_Fan Addicted Member

    Not beig a fan of FM radio quality I currently have only one tuner. It's a tiny Akai I paid $10 for. However I'm not averse to being converted into a tuner fan, so if somebody wants to sell me a very nice tuner for a very nice price I'm game. :D

  4. ddarch

    ddarch Well-Known Member

    I like Chicken of the Sea, but when it's on sale, 3 Diamonds is good, too.

    Oops, my New England accent is showing....

    Couldn't resist...

  5. Shain

    Shain Super Member

    Marantz Esotec ST-8
    Marantz Esotec ST-7
    Marantz 2130
    Marantz 120B
    Marantz 2020
    Marantz 115B (2)
    Marantz 112 (2)
    Marantz 110 (2)
    Marantz 105
    Marantz 104

    Kenwood KT-8007
    (using it at work, with 1040 Marantz amp)
    (best of the Kenwoods, or Pioneers, or Sansui's I've had)

    Recently sold a couple of Marantz tuners, a Kenwood tuner, a Technics tuner, a Sony, and a Pioneer, so that's it for now!

    Does a tuner in a console count? I have one of those.

    Need to sell some more I guess! ;)
  6. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    I believe that I am fairly reasonable on this count (at least next to the 44 receivers I have collected!):

    two Akai AT-2400
    Optonica ST-3636
    Pioneer TX-1000
    Harmon Kardon 719
    Nikko NT-850
    Sansui digital something or another

    ...and I still burn over the thief that stole my Technics ST-9030 twelve years ago!!!
  7. fredmarantz

    fredmarantz Well-Known Member


    Here is my contribution!

    Marantz 10B
    Marantz 20
    Marantz 23
    Marantz 115B
    Marantz 120 (2)
    Marantz 125
    Marantz 150
    Marantz 2110 (2)
    Marantz 2120
    Marantz 104

    Technics st-9600
    Pioneer TX-9500

    Looking for a nice Accuphase T-100 - would someone care to send me one for Christmas?

    Best Regards

  8. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    No particular order of preference:
    Philips 6731 (ss)
    McIntosh MR77 (ss)
    McIntosh MX110 (well, tuner/preamp) (tube)
    Sherwood S3000IV (tube)
    Dyna FM-3 (tube)
  9. hotgas

    hotgas Banned

    Charlie Sumo
    Technics ST-9600
    Marantz ST-300 (just sold on Audiogon)
    Yamaha T1

    I love the Sumo the most ...
  10. Toasted Almond

    Toasted Almond Ballbreaker Subscriber

    I have a few, but the only one I ever listen to is the Pie In Ear TX-9500 on my desk at the squadron. I don't have a special love for it, it's a good tuner and brings in tough to get stations. Plus, it fits with the SA-9500 underneath it.

    Carver TX-11a
    KLH Model 18
    Onkyo T-4038
    Nikko NT-790
    Sansui T-1110
    Akai AT-M5 (Stephie's bedroom with Dynaco SCA-80Q)
    Aurex FM-01 (the upper end of the scale stops at 88MHz)

    I think I have more tuners. I'm fairly certain I don't know where they are.

    Almond, Toasted/MSgt, USAF

    "They told me not to kill the people... but I forgot."
  11. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    ...too cool! :ntwrthy:
  12. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    not too many

    Tuners I remember that I have:

    (2) EICO HFT-90
    Yamaha CT-610II
    Yamaha T-500
    Radio Craftsmen CT-800
    Sansui TU-717
    Sherwood S-3000 (mono)

    When I use a tuner (very rare), I listen to the Shewood.

    'nuff said.
  13. Retro Stereo

    Retro Stereo Moderator Moderator

    Here we go........

    Pioneer F-91 Elite
    Pioneer TX-9800
    Pioneer TX-9500II
    Pioneer TX-9500II
    Pioneer TX-9500II
    Pioneer TX-D1000

  14. botrytis

    botrytis Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    I have only one tuner - a pristine Yamaha T-1060.

  15. kkib

    kkib Member

    HHScott 310E
    Fisher FM100B
    Sherwood 3000V

    oops... was this the SS forum? ;)
  16. cruisaire

    cruisaire PGA and Rainwater!

    A scant 3:

    Pioneer TX-7800
    KLH Model 18
    Dynaco FM-3
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  17. Shain

    Shain Super Member

  18. rhinofly

    rhinofly Toadfather

    I have one. A sansui Tu-717. Man those esotec tuners are gorgeous. My wife would kill me if I bought it:)
  19. JoZmo

    JoZmo Super Member

    Only one, an Onkyo T-4090. Paid $40 for it. As you said Pete... it's sweet.
  20. Wired

    Wired Active Member

    The FM range on that tuner is only 76 - 90 MHZ which means that you won't be able to tune in most radio stations since in Australia and the US we both use a scale of about 88 - 108 MHZ. The am section would work fine however.

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