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TV Media Player as audio only device for flac, wav, mp3

Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by strat68, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. strat68

    strat68 Member

    Wondering if anyone uses an older TV media player for audio only? I see some of these "older" ones such as Seagate GoFlex are pretty cheap on used market. Though usually sold without the plugin HDD.

    I want to start cheap to get into it, as I do not have enough flac files yet to warrant a NAS with Linux server. I'm thinking under $100 for the media player, than whatever a new or "gently" used HDD at quarter or half TB to start.

    My main system is an older NAD with the maverick audio D2 DAC which I only have a blah Sony CD player with optical out into the DAC. Occasionally I will plug an android phone into the DAC to play mp3s.

    Notes- I don't have a TV in this room (I wouldn't be opposed to getting a small TV to serve as an audio console). So my questions are: Can the seagate be used for music without a TV? Are there any other caveats playing flac files on TV media boxes?

    Other simple solutions/ideas welcome as well. I have looked high and low for a box that has a USB input on the front, supports flac, and has a digital out that does not require a TV.

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  2. ldatlof

    ldatlof We are all steak Subscriber

    Las Vegas
    Don't know much about the Seagate GoFlex but I have hacked Pogpplugs and turned them into music players. That said, I would go with a Chromescast Audio ($35). You would need to attach the HD with the music files to a computer or router on your network but that is not a bad thing IMO. You would attach your DAC via a mini toslink to toslink wire. No TV needed. You control it with a smartphone via the BubbleUpnp app.

    If you had to have the the hard drive connected to the player then a Raspberry Pi would fit the bill. It is small and headless and there are many ways to implement a server and player on a RPi. The DAC and HD attach via USB. The RPi is also a great video player as well via Plex or Kodi.

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