U-Turn Turntable - Has anyone got one yet?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by c0op3r, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. c0op3r

    c0op3r Active Member

    So has anyone actually got a U-Turn?

    I looked at there page and it says they are filling order, but I can not find verification that anyone has got one?
  2. TJLitt

    TJLitt Super Member

    there were a couple reports on here, but then, nothing. Sort of puzzling, to be honest. I thought that by now we would be deluged with reports, good and bad.
  3. jimbofish

    jimbofish for TRULY GREAT MUSIC

  4. telemike

    telemike AK Subscriber Subscriber

    600 shipped so far and only a couple AK'ers have seen one?

    Kickstarter update

    Sorry for confusion......
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  5. J English

    J English Well-Known Member

    Telemike - a question - do you guys have any plans to release a semi-automatic version in the future? I love what you are doing, and had thought about getting one, but my one Kenwood table that is manual (but does have damped cue drop) drives me crazy...invariably I'm in the shower or tied up when it reaches the end of a side...
  6. skriefal

    skriefal AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yes, I have one. Haven't mentioned much about it because I bought a VPI Scout after backing the Orbit, and the Scout is the better turntable. But that's hardly a surprise given the very large price difference ($170 versus $2000). :D The Orbit is a good option at the price.
  7. Joshewah

    Joshewah Active Member

    Do you work for U-Turn? :scratch2:

    I wasn't aware any of their employees post here. They do lurk, but I wasn't aware they post.
  8. Montycat

    Montycat You can call me Andrew Subscriber

    I think it's a quote that was not bracketed.
  9. Jadran

    Jadran Off The Record

  10. telemike

    telemike AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Agh. Fixed the quote post.
  11. Multiplex

    Multiplex Appease my earhole.

    You know, I was wondering the same thing... Where are the reviews, reports and opinions? As much talk as there has been about this in the last year, you would think that AK would be the first place you'd hear be hearing all about these TTs.
  12. sled108

    sled108 Super Member

    I just did an 'Ask' search for "U-Turn Orbit"...There is not a Single Comment/ Review of it out there...
  13. Jeff K

    Jeff K Active Member

    Since no one seems to be excited or angry about their U-turn, I'm guessing the consensus is "meh".
  14. penkosey

    penkosey Well-Known Member

    Most of the "reviews" of the turntable are basically comments people have posted on their Twitter account, and are short & sweet, like "Just got my new Orbit! Sounds awesome!" ...etc. Not indepth, but haven't read of people complaining.

  15. DustyOldPile

    DustyOldPile Vinyl Goddess

    I would bet that they're too busy listening to their records to post!

    Seriously, not that many people take the time to rave about products, sadly. Rant...hell yes. They have all the time in the world to bitch about something that they don't like. Human nature, I guess.
  16. KOWHeigel

    KOWHeigel High Gear of Your Soul

    This is the truth in my experience.
  17. J English

    J English Well-Known Member

    Thanks, sorry for the confusion, Telemike. I do hope these are good starter tables and that someone will post a review soon...and that down the road, they do a semi-automatic.
  18. DustyOldPile

    DustyOldPile Vinyl Goddess

    Cost-wise, U-turn might want to consider an early 70's Sansui solution...instead of returning the arm to the stand, just lifting it at the end of record and shutting off. Really, that's the concern most of us have...that one fateful glass of Merlot that pushes you over the edge...and suddenly it's 5 am and your turntable is still spinning...
  19. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye AK Subscriber Subscriber

    If it had turned out to be a bad product or disappointing in some serious way there would be a huge outpouring. Count on it. Look for for some more in-depth discussion after they've been out there for awhile and people have actually had a chance to play around with them a bit.

    Funny how this reminds me a teensy bit of a couple of Scottish lads and a turntable. Let's hope it ends better for all of the people involved.
  20. JHS2RT

    JHS2RT and Miss Sasha Subscriber

    No Cuing---Move the belt with your hands to change speeds ---NO THANKS!!! I pass on this "Fisher Price" toy.

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