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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Brad Muller, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Brad Muller

    Brad Muller Super Member

    I picked up a United Audio Dual 1225 turntable over the weekend. It has a Shure high track cartridge in it. It needs a little TLC, but it's all there. Is it worth anything? Brad :scratch2:
  2. outlawmws

    outlawmws On the Run

    There not bad from what I have heard. I doubt they compete strongly against later Mid to upper range TT's, but for say, 78's there great. I have a 1019 also by UA for that very purpose, just installed a Sure M78S stylus into the V15 Type II cart (It took some filing off the top of the plastic, but it fits perfect now) for mono 78's. Now I need to clean the 78's...

    They go for decent $ on Epay. Say $50-120 or so depending on condiiton.

    Did yours have the cover? Not many survived.

    Post a pic!
  3. stereofisher

    stereofisher For the Love of the Music Subscriber

    Whats wrong with it?

    These were built like tanks. Everyone around here knows I have a collection of six Duals with a top of the line 1229. My LPs sound great even on my older 1009 and 1009F. Started spinning LPs on Duals five years ago and sold off all my other tables.

    What problems are you encountering? This is a decent table. Usually when I get a new aquisition I oil the shaft the platter rides on. If the motor is noisy, take it apart,clean it and oil it with 30 weight motor oil. My 1009f is in the the bedroom and it did not shut off and ran all night :worried: The motor was still quiet! Got lucky again :) I also clean the inner rim of the platter with denatured alcohol and lightly sand the idler wheel. Usually that takes care of any slowness in the automatic cycle.

    Anyway, its a keeper. Good luck with her.

  4. Brad Muller

    Brad Muller Super Member

    Thanks Guys for the info, the cover for the turntable is intact, but it is missing whatever it needs to attach. None of the plastic is broken. I guess that's the impotant part. Thanks, Brad
  5. outlawmws

    outlawmws On the Run

    Some of the UA covers were simply set over the TT, No hinge at all.

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