Urban Cowboy

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by PickyEars81, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. PickyEars81

    PickyEars81 Super Member

    I picked up a copy of the soundtrack for cheap (<=$1) the other day. One record is mostly country and the other mostly rock/pop.

    I must say, I really like the country disc. Very nice mix. Bonnie Rait, Eagles, Charlie Daniels, etc., etc. flows together nicely. :music:
  2. R-2-R

    R-2-R AK Subscriber Subscriber

    "Urban Cowboy"-That is one good sound track to have. I just brought the DVD for $4.99!

    Job interviewer asking Bud........."you know what a go'fer is boy?!"

    Bud's reply...."yes sir, means go for this, go for that....also could describe the small animal".....

    Job interviewer's response...."well around here there on the same level!"

    -quote from the movie 'Urban Cowboy'
  3. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Good call Picky!
  4. Paul Loflin

    Paul Loflin Member

    Has a rare Jimmy Buffett track too.
  5. PickyEars81

    PickyEars81 Super Member

    Ayuh Hello Texas!
  6. AnalogDigit

    AnalogDigit Realistic fan.

    I never seen the movie. But I do like the soundtrack quite a lot.
  7. superdog

    superdog AK Member Subscriber

    The movie is quite good.At least to me.I have the lp I picked up a couple of years ago but have not heard it yet.
  8. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Loved Debra Winger in it. She had that husky voice...

    Great soundtrack also. Boz Scaggs song was just great.
  9. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It's a good one.
  10. anytune

    anytune AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I picked up a pristine copy a few weeks ago. I like it alot. :thmbsp:
  11. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The mean dude was great. What did he say? "Ya can't expect a man like me to be faithfull."
  12. tomlinmgt

    tomlinmgt AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Early 80's classic. Iconic for the era, really. I HAVE to get my hands on that soundtrack. Goin' to amazon now.
  13. cgutz

    cgutz AK Member Subscriber

    Bought that lp when the movie came out. Great album.
  14. tomlinmgt

    tomlinmgt AK Subscriber Subscriber

    At eleven I was spinnin' my older sister's copy. Damn I thought I was cool. Still remember the cover....leanin' against the bar with a longneck, blue shirt, black hat.
  15. qdrone

    qdrone Music is my mistress

    Looking for Love

    is a great song. :tears:

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