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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ARguy, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. ARguy

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    I stumbled into a pair of Vandersteen Model II's and was wondering if anybody out there have a pair and would mind sharing their thoughts on them. Right now they are in my audio storage room waiting to be checked out. I've been on the Vandersteen web site and pulled some info from them but if anyone can shed some more light on the model two's I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!:thmbsp:
  2. JimJ[VT]

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    Hillsborough, NC
    The guy I got my ARC preamp from had a pair of 2CE's that I got to hear when I bought it, he was running them off a big BAT amp.

    Listened to some Floyd, some jazz...loved them. Threw a wide soundstage, and even though he didn't have a subwoofer they dug down decently into the bottom octaves. Personally, I would run a small sub but that's a matter of taste.

    Considering what they go for on the used market, they're a steal :D Too bad my amps would pitch a fit with their impedance load and sensitivity.
  3. thedelihaus

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    Boston Area, Massachusetts
    The Vandersteen makes it into my top 10 list on what it's merits are.

    Time aligned, wide soundstage, great bass down to 30 hz (although reviews say it's deep bass, they claim it's not "powerful", this due to the purely "relatively" smallish enclosure it's in), quality craftsmenship, warmish sound compared to another delightful speaker, the Thiels. Apartment-friendly, size-wise. bi-ampable. Very revealing.

    Negatives- folks claim the speakers can be power-hungry, and are inefficient. Occasionally the "passive" radiator, which is actually mechanical in nature, and called a sub-bass "Acoustic Coupler", can develop issues. Sometimes the woofer surround separates from the 8" woofer's plastic cone- some have said the plastic cone can develop issues too- but I cannot verify. Kittycats love to shred the cloth covering. Very revealing.

    Here's a good review on them...
  4. GordonW

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    Original Vandersteen 2s have paper cone woofers, with foam surrounds. If they've never been refoamed, they WILL need it now. Same for the 10" 'active couplers'.

    On some Vandersteen 2 models (2B, 2C, etc), there is also a paper-cone Peerless 4" mid... that will also need to be refoamed. Original first-gen Vandersteen 2s had a dome mid, which is fine unless you blow it up. :D Shouldn't be a problem, IOW...

    So, if the Vandersteens were purchased before 1987, look to be refoaming things...

  5. BobK101

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    I have Vandersteen II's, I think they may be C's. There is a C at the end of the serial Number... Anyone know if that indicates they are C's?
    I love them...They are the best speakers I own. I have them Bi-Wired to a Parasound HCA1200, 200wpc @ 8ohms, 300 @ 6 ohms. Very detailed, open, airy sounding. Personally, I wouldnt think of using a sub with them for 2 channel music.
    I opened mine up, checked all the speakers... mids may have a plastic cone... I removed the Active Couplers, as i write this, they are off to Vandersteen for rebuilding. They can go bad, make a strange noise. I think they will be about 80.00 usd each to recondition. Well worth it!

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