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Discussion in 'The Magazine Forum' started by audionut373, Feb 11, 2017.

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    With the popularity of vintage audio, I don't understand why none of the current print audio magazines have a column dedicated to vintage equipment. I think that they are missing out on a rather significant audience that would subscribe if they did. :confused:
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    1) It's used equipment
    2) It's only popular here, not many people in the general population uses old equipment. You might have a few city wide in ones area, and the old folks that still have a stereo they bought 40 years ago and don't use much.

    What's the worlds population? 7.5 million maybe 8 mill now. AK has 250,000 members worldwide. Lets say 10x that have old equipment in use that are not here. Then the fact a publication would be only in one country.

    Anyway the long and short of it, no sponsors for used equipment and not enough interest.
  3. audionut373

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    Well, smart ass, I have to heartily disagree that not many people in the general population use vintage equipment. All one has to do is look at the Marantz, Sansui and Pioneer blogs here to see that there is a large portion of the membership here that is into vintage! (By the way, the population of the world is in the billions, not millions! :D) The majority of the posts are about vintage versions of those marks. Also, I was not talking about mags published outside the US. I think that Stereophile and Absolute Sound could benefit from having columns on vintage gear. :lurk:

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    I have collected vintage cameras over the years. Modern Photography used to have column titled The Camera Collector. I found it very interesting and very helpful in identifying and giving me history on some of the pieces I had collected over the years. It was a main reason that I kept subscribing to the magazine. I for one would read a monthly column like that with great interest. There are probably a lot more people that invest in vintage gear than invest in ultra high end gear, but that gets covered all the time.
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    That would absolutely be a great read...The English hi fi mags are so well done that it's a shame we don't have a healthier culture for hi fi in print over here. It's either ultra high end ( that often has no widespread resale interest or decent resale value, unlike vintage Marantz , Pioneer, etc. that still brings nice prices.) Regardless of vintage gears performance plus or minus it has a huge following and tons of existing restoration stories, searching for a certain elusive piece stories and interest in product that's still in use...throw in vinyl reviews, tape advice, recone projects, and it sounds like a winner to me.
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    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
    That's what I like about people on this site.....

    They just write the first thing that comes to their heads !


    China has over 1.2 billion people alone !
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    I t

    TAS has recently started a 1 page column in the last few issues highlighting classic equipment, and Art Dudley seems to write about restoring something old in pretty much
    every column.
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    AS much and we would like like to think those mag articles are for the reader's benefit, they are not. THe real reason that there is not much in the way of vintage articles in published rags is that there is no money in it for them, not for lack of interest. The primary reason for the any magazine in to support sales for their advertisers, and there is zero companies selling vintage because well, it's vintage.

    JUst follow the money trail.. Its isn't about reader interest, but advertising revenue
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    This is true, that's what forums like this are for. This is where you will find the interest, there is just no money in it. I'm a fine example, I don't even subscribe...yet.;)
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