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Discussion in 'The Magazine Forum' started by audionut373, Feb 11, 2017.

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    I as a vintage guy have to agree with you. I love my old audio gear, like I do my old 65 Chevy, but it isn't really a part of what's going on in today's world of audio any more. A big part of the vintage route for me is because it was paid for over 40 years ago and it, lacking anything close by to compare, sounds good enough to enjoy music with. Probably nostalgia and the vintage look and feel is a bigger draw for me than it should be.


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    Yep I like whatever works good and is fun., but ...

    You know how the record sales stats come out every year for vinyl copies and how it keeps going up? Well they can only mesure new vinyl records and no sales on used records and for most buyers of records used probably dominates most their collection. However the market doesn't care about something sold new 40 years ago and or used today. Can it be a business? most definitely, does new manufacturing benefit from used items, only to see a trend and to help make new items to supply that trend.
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    Sound check for 12, my phrase of the day....lets turn down what we CAN hear.
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    15152765318861034082173.jpg tonight's console is the endlessly routed Yamaha LS 9,... why have 10 functions per channel when you can have 25?
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    I like the idea of some sort of column, blog, editorial or article about vintage gear. I mean, primarily, it's the reason I come here, is to read about people's finds and whatnot. It might make a pretty good blog if the content was constantly coming in. A magazine though is a stretch for many of the reasons listed here in this thread.

    I like writing, so this has piqued my curiosity. If there was a blog out there with articles on vintage gear, would you subscribe to and read it?

    Maybe it could be an AudioKarma blog with people contributing their own articles?
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    Absolutely :thumbsup:
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    Around the millenium, I used to teach at a boys boarding school, and had a friend who was buying and selling records. Every now and then, he would give me the crates and crates of records that he had had to buy to get the ones that actually were worth selling. I'd set the records out in the hallway and let them have at it, or sometimes, divvy the good ones into piles and let them take a pile each. They always disappeared. I also had a speaker building club, which was popular. We relied completely on Zalytron over on Long Island for drivers and crossovers, and we produced a lot of excellent speakers, though you don't know terror until you unleash inexperienced teenagers on power tools - somehow no one ever had to go to the hospital. And I sold, for very cheap, a lot of good equipment from tag sales and the dump.
    Inspired by all the enthusiasm of the kids, I wrote to Stereophile, suggesting that a vintage column, aimed at common but good old equipment might be a way to draw young and impecunious people into the hobby. Given that Ken Kessler started his Anachrophile column in HiFi News and Record Review during John Atkinson's tenure (I think) and Atkinson had often referrred to older equipment while at HiFi News, I thought he might be receptive. As far as I know the letter was not published, nor was there any movement in that direction at the time. Now, they do review vintage stuff, perhaps stimulated by the popularity of sites like AK and others. But I get why they didn't rush right in to do as I suggested - every vintage purchase is (possibly) a new equipment purchase not made, and advertisers pay for magazines. This is the capitalist system - if you want something, you pay for it. And clearly, there are not enough people to pay for professional audio press without advertisements - many have tried, and I don't think any are still functioning. Amateur sites like AK can do well, and may even do a better job, but they cannot routinely offer the sort of expertise and careful measurement that audio magazines used to provide month after month, even if they did cushion the blows to advertisers sometimes.
    Some of this is moot, of course. The vintage market is segmented, chaotic and unpredictable, and wildly personal, that advertising is going to be minimal, ruling out any professional reviewing. And almost all new equipment is either so absurdly expensive or so grimly built to a cheap Walmart price that I have no interest. So I'm not in the market for a magazine.
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    Yes, a while back we wondered the same thing and created a specialist e-zine dedicated to vintage gear (989 pages so far) and here it is:

    Here are links re vintage that some of you might find of interest, hopefully.

    Vintage domestic Celestion (only a few days since it started)
    Mainly classic receivers
    Vintage cassette decks

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